Slow Cooker Beef Stew – The Best Version

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Cookies, if you don’t make any of my other recipes you HAVE to try this one!! The meat in the stuff is insanely tender! I’m enjoying this slow cooking series! Let me know what you think in the comments! Love you!!

For the printable full recipe and ingredient list:

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Coop Can Cook says:

Hey Cookies! I apologize for the audio in this video. I’d just gotten a new computer and had a hard time adjusting the volume. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them here in the comments! ❤️

Blaze Barber says:

Hello from Canada 🇨🇦 I'm not sure witch looks better you or the stew but yummy !! 😉

Robert Amatucci says:

Very nice. I’m hungry

Raptor3400 says:

you're funny and cute….and that recipe looks awesome!

STLAmmoMan says:

You’re adorable.

Roberto Santiago Rodriguez says:

Col video, thanks so much! Am curious, what is the difference in searing the meat before adding it all to the pot or just putting everything at once and let it cook in the pot? Never made this dish before but am familiar with searing meat to roast or grill to seal in the juices but if you sear before cooking the stew meat, wont that keep it from flavoring the broth and the vegetables? Sincerely: Roberto Santiago

Aa We says:

What kind of red wine?

Gary Burns says:

What, no dumplings? Bye the way in the UK,where Worcestershire sauce comes from, we would pronounce it Wuss-ter-shur, except most people here drop the shur and just call it Worcester sauce (Wuss-ter) Bye, Bye.

Vee B. says:

LOL @ drink the rest of red wine.. that's was funny.

Anthony K. Cruz says:

Great video and matching personality. Thanks and will make some.

TheRamrod3001 says:

Thank you for this video

JC XOXO says:

Awesome Awesome Awesome….. Thank You

Von Tassen Farm says:

Great recipe. I am a sheep farmer, so instead of beef, I used lamb. Delicious and very tender! Thank you for the video tutorial.

Joe McCranie says:

My goodness you have a sexy voice.. I subscribed and will be trying this dish tonight. I'll post an update on how it turns out. Thank you for sharing.

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