Slow Cooker One Pot Chicken Burritos

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Full Recipe here:

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Al Huxley says:

Oh, and I just subscribed! Thanks Sarah! I can't wait to see your new videos and I do get your emails!

Al Huxley says:

I made this for my girlfriend who is a very picky eater. She does not like beans or rice so I left them out. I made the recipe as directed, and we had guacamole, freshly chopped tomatoes and onions, along with cheddar cheese and sour cream and she loved it and I think it was one of the best recipes I have ever made! I also bought your book, "The Magical Slow Cooker" a few years ago Sarah! I love it!!!!!

Emma Bailie says:

Looks good but hours to cook chicken would be tough and chewy. I would near the end


That was a close one, I thought you were gonna forget tha cheese and sour cream.

ksnc21 says:

I've got a five minute chef make this a grilled stuffed burrito.

R Needham says:

I made this today. It is. So good! I love burritos!!

Jeff from Jax says:

This looks great I've been really craving some taco bell since I started my diet.

Chanta Kage says:

Looks so good!!!

jennpenn5 says:

This looks amazing!

Harold Vargas says:

Your videos are great straight to the point! No wasting time of introduction or what happened last weekend. I'm loving your videos! You have a new subscriber!!

ron srilan says:

great video – did u use oil ??

Laura Cunningham says:

I totally misread the timing when I first watched. Is it possible to cook the breasts on high for 3-4 hrs and then add the rice?

Ellelaith says:

Love this, making it today and going to put it over my salad mix for lunches this week, thank you!!! You're amazing!

Adman1175 says:

You are so awesome! Thank you for the incredible recipes and videos you post for FREE!

Slow Cooker Ideas says:

love this recipe, i was surprised how well the rice came out.

jetski Dex says:

That looks delish 😻

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