Slow Cooker Pot Roast- Martha Stewart

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The ideal weekend supper for the whole family, this slow cooker pot roast recipe makes for great leftovers, too.

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Frank DiGioia says:

I almost gagged when I saw this.

Robert Walker says:

I almost never cook on high. Low for 8 hours is the way to go. And I HATE the flavor bay leaves add.

Janette Majeski says:

Beef stock maybe!!!?

Dorothy Angeledes says:

Okay 3 lb of rump roast at 6 hours in the Crock-Pot that's all I needed to know

Vova ******* says:

Really ? Can tomato ????

Joe Alvardo says:

Needs to be Shared first

Majoras says:

this broad can't even be bothered to show up in her own youtube videos so she hires actors 😆😆😂 probably getting high with snoop

Adam Grossman says:

why isnt she searing the meat first to caramelize it and pack in the flavors?

Audio Tech Labs says:

What cut of beef was used in this video? I think it was chuck. I prefer chuck. Thankz

doris leary says:

I usually add a little bit of beef broth.

sara lamar says:

thank you💕👍

Ali Design says:

it's so beautiful

Jayden Crome says:

Martha Stewart can you show us how to make the best bundt pound cake ever

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