Slow-Cooker Veggie-Packed Curry

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Rachel Hildebrand says:

TASTY CHALLENGE – make a vegetarian chicken wing with the crispy crust

Shantanu Adhikary says:

who is not going to make this comment me

Oana Marin says:

Hello Tasty people, is there any chance you can do a video about Amok? It is a Cambodian dish looks green and tastes coconoty, I am unsuccesfully trying to make it at home..

vijay venky says:

where is salt says:

Guys also subscribe to my channel for more recipes

velvet crowe says:

Parang Ginataang Gulay lang na ah haha

Mohamed Kamal says:

Still waiting on the Veggie steak…!!!

dhyc777 says:

love curry~

Dracula Tod says:

Why would you ever slow cook broccoli not to mention in a curry

Zephyx says:


no curry

aw tits i was gonna make that

Zephyx says:

mouth noises

Larry Faulkner says:

Hi I'm every Tasty producer ever and I want to make sure broccoli is as mushy and unpalatable as possible so I'm gonna throw it in the slow cooker for 8 hours like and subscribe plz

Jennifer Cavenee says:

That broccoli is going to be cooked to mush…

wcallisa22 says:

Tasty I love you But NO

Maggie Nhan says:

As soon as I saw “curry”, I had to click.

Esha Bhardwaj says:

Curries usually have spices. Wtf is this? It’s looks so dull and flavourless.

Ileana Caramida says:

Why the last dishes are veggie?

fox_in _xxs_clothes says:

Good video but you through nearly half of the broccoli away 😕

nur fatimah says:

Wuuuu..syur masak lemak

Kavin Intrada says:

Rice looks poorly cooked c'mon tasty u can do better than that

Chihiro 12 says:

Needs more RIcE

Swarna Baghel says:

12 ghnta pakana h isko 😱😱😱😨😨😨

Nate says:

115 oz of chickpeas? Lol

Electraheart eating Froot says:

Mm yes "curry". God damn it THERE'S NOTHING CURRY ABOUT YOUR "C U R R Y"

ImperiaMyst says:

Sooo we're just gonna not wash that onion?

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