Smart Snack Recipes: Quick and Easy Snack Food Ideas

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Smart Snack Recipes: Quick and Easy Snack Food Ideas

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Trying to make smarter food choices for a balanced diet? Don’t forget about snacks! Tracy Metro for the Kraft Kitchens shares smart snacking tips with a focus on variety, portion control, calorie intake and lot’s of flavor!

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JD V says:

what about all the garbage in the snack paks and processed cookies?  no fat calories in the fruit!!!     come on people wake up!!!!

Joydeep Majumdar says:

hi Tracy I stay just next door to you

David Hicks says:

I know the purpose is to sell Kraft products, but I'd stick with the fruit. Natural sugars may contain calories but processed sugar substitues just don't sound…well, safe.. And, if you live an active lifestyle eating several pieces of fruit for a snack isn't going to be a big deal. Even with 1 hour of physical activity per day the average person is going to burn 2500 – 5000 calories depending on their body type. 110 calorie banana is more filling than a pudding!

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