Smoked brisket pulled pork How to Barbecue on a Weber smoky mountain like a boss

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My entire family cooks great Cajun food, I learned from
them starting at age 10 & have been cooking since then.
I love to try new thing and can cook all kinds of cuisine.
Making videos is a great way to share recipes with friends & fans.

Cooking tips & fun in the kitchen with a Real Cajun Chef, One stop shop for everything from Advice to Zaniness. You’ll learn to cook real no BS awesome food that anyone can make. No bells or whistles or “foo-foo” plates! Homemade, home-style and simply terrific. I bring “common-sense to You-tube and cooking!
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Plenty of Cajun & Creole recipes, History & tips ate The Gumbo Pages:

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Mr Vandenberg says:

7:09 scraching your genitals then after you hand goes right to you back, my best guest it went straight to your nasty ass.
you are fucking disgusting due.

Tyler Hair says:

Always cook fat side up, yeah boyyee!!

cooking with webby says:

No that's some good eating

Rudolph Lange says:

This guy is the real deal!!! Keep it up and keep the videos coming! Best cooking Chanel on all of YouTube!

Michael Everson says:

"No injections, no stupid shit like that. Only Canadians do shit like that." LMAO, why does this guy not have his own show?

Mary Spaabeck says:

Up here in my small town a local deli sells flavor less dry tough barbecue at 19 dollars a rack, and their pulled pork is a flavorless mush, I feel ripped off after seeing all your stuff!!! I will do it myself next time. Very jealous as I watched this! And hungry! HAPPY EATING TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

buzz kirschner says:

the crack about the Canadians was well placed. if you can't dig your friends who can you dig. all good. Texas boys do know dey brisket.

2111 Corps says:

That brisket was so damn juicy! If that didn't make everyone seeing that finished brisket hungry, I don't know what will !! The rest of the meal as well. Now that's as good as it gets !! THANKS !!

MrMidnightfield says:

I'm a fan for life after this!

mark burress says:

I got a friend in AL who's a non transplanted Cajun from Qubec! Fed the man some gumbo and jambalaya and said "see what you missed stayin up in dem woods and not movin to de swamp, yeah??"

mark burress says:

Lord, I done found a Cajun what don't eat venison! What am I gonna do now?? I really didnt think those existed!

SavvyMis says:

Great barbecuing and cajun videos. Love it. I Sub'd to your channel. :)


I'm gonna fire up the old Webber kettle this weekend cause I'm hungry.

James Grant says:

Hahahahahahahaha! This guy is my hero!

Daryl B. Moretocome says:

You are a rude, nasty individual! Making fun of Canadians! You know they can't defend themselves! Great video! Your pulled butt & brisket looked amazing! Thanks LCR!

Jim Cash. says:

JB. Happy New Year to ya, just a tad bit late.,.,.any whoo What do you set your lower side vents to when smoking BUTT. ? I have an air machine but I think its on the fritz…..Doing my first of the 2017 this weekend. Hope all is well. smoke on Buddy.

Yankin' BassOnGrass says:

Do you have to bring the butt to room temp before throwing it on the smoker or does it matter?

Rafael Del Alto says:

You have helped me a lot and will keep watching your videos.

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