Smothered burger steaks and gravy

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jen bar says:

I’ve been on here for at least 10 years, actually probably more, can’t remember, I’m old. You were one of the first subs for me. Love your cooking and down home ideas on food. I’m from Mississippi, lots of similars. I’ve commented many times on your ways of cooking. You have truly entertained me through the years, a follower forever. You’re about as old as I am and both retired, let’s keep going. Thanks JB.

Wayne Wayne says:

…Salisbury steak …JB……..W

hawk8414 says:

Hey boy, got myself in the hospital. They're gonna do a heart catherization on me Monday. Keep me in ya prayers. Ill keep you updated.

R L says:

Great looking meals ! 👍👍

flipr7 says:

JB if it wasn't for you i'd never know to make for dinner. Looks good.

John Eldridge says:

WOW! That looks great. My wife makes awesome gravy and hb steaks or whatever she puts in it. My thing, I gotta have the rice!! Louisiana grown rice baby! I found some Louisiana certified crawfish tails local and I'm going to try your etouffee recipe. I'll let you know how great it was.

L Wisby says:

Yum, another of my favorites.

JoeHell67 says:

I live in south Germany so it's kinda southern comfort food for me too!

Joe from Germany

Robert Taylor says:

Thanks JB, you always Union.

angeleyes6845 says:


mudhole9 says:

How's the Z ridin" , sure is a sweet machine……

The Woodshed Smoke & BBQ with Slowhand says:

Man that's what I talking bout JB! Good ole burger steaks, mashed taters and gravy. Now that is a real southern comfort food for sho and then you throwed them green beans on the side."MAN"

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