Snack Recipes – How to Make Potato Chips

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Check out this top-rated recipe for Potato Chips at In this video you’ll see how to make potato chips f…

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myjojo1959 says:

Omg i have the same microwave haha

See Bee says:

I don’t have a microwave can I use an oven or Philips air frier? Pls advise

shoug khalid says:

What is the dip in the video ?

Cassandra Yeo says:

can i make these w an oven? and for how long and at what temperature do i
bake them at?

stizan24 says:

MICROWAVES ARE THE DEVIL! Why anybody would want to irradiate their food is
beyond me. My microwave broke 3 years ago and I got a toaster oven instead.

ghaida h says:

Yes it is the best. I make them with no oil at all. Tastes amazing and fat
free chips

Pacopriest123 says:

Thank you! This will taste awesome!

immortaljatt05 says:

way too much work. ill stick with lays

Em C says:

If you coat the potatoes with the salt (or any other spices…) before the
microwave step it will stick to the chips much easier :)

Asma Khan says:

I made it today and it came out really good. Thanks. Plus, for second time
I put wax paper on microwave’s tray but you got to put little bit more oil
than required. It worked just fine with extra minutes added. 

Bill Brown says:

Snack Recipes – How to Make Potato Chips:

Ggirl Lillian says:

Could I use olive oil ????

Annaliisa Sutherland says:

you don’t got enough dip on your chip

maria bell says:


cierrablue says:

I can hardly wait for my lunch break. I’m going to try it today!

Сергей Далба says:

Почему нет субтитры?

graham cosh says:


Eric Z says:

Omg way to easily awesome

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