Snacks For Your Kids' Next Playdate

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I R-H says:

"sandwich bread"

Well, obviously, I'm not wasting my tear drying bread on this!

Virginia184 says:

Too much calories

Cryptic_cHuBz says:

Ravioli is not the right name at all freaking uncrustables grilled cheese😂

Teagan Mozleyÿ says:

Can these be used for a midnight snack at a sleepover

Millie bobby Brownss says:

That looks so gud !!!

not so happy accident says:

And or snacks for me because I'm a fat 5 year old

Vinuri Gunaratne says:

Fun fact:

The actor who plays Gina Lennetti on Brooklyn Nine Nine (Chelsea Peretti) is the founder of Buuzffed and Tasty’s sister (John Peretti)

Rolly Polly says:

Man i need to go to this kids house.

cannon0457 says:

Do these also work for a sad 21 year old?

I’m NOT a block head says:

Lol I’m 10 yrs old yet again I’m tempted to make these

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