Soft Gluten Free Tortillas | Wraps (Vegan, Dairy Free) Make Gluten Free Tortillas From Scratch

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These are the best gluten free wraps / tortillas I ever made – very thin, soft, chewy and flexible. These gluten free wraps / tortillas can be warmed, grilled, fried or baked in the oven to make tortilla chips.

I made these gluten free tortillas multiple times, never failed, and I like that you can roll the wraps out to be as thick, thin, large or small as you like. These wraps have a better texture a better flavor, and a much better taste and you can even enjoy them by themselves.

Vegan Gluten Free Tortilla / Wrap Ingredients:

Mashed potatoes
Vegan butter – I used Miyoko’s, or use oil
Gluten free sourdough starter
Psyllium husk
Arrowroot flour


Tips For Making These Gluten Free Tortillas:

1. The mashed potatoes are a very important ingredient in this vegan gluten free wrap recipe. It replaces the need of using any gums, tapioca starch, corn starch, or other processed ingredients.
2. Be careful not to add too much flour or you’ll have a dough that’s harder to roll and end up with dry tortillas.
3. Stick with gluten free sourdough starter for great flavor and texture. If you don’t have a starter, the second best options is mixing brown (or white) rice flour (3/4 cup) with warm water or plant based milk (1/2 cup). The consistency will be similar to the starter.
4. You can replace the vegan butter with another mildly flavor liquid cooking oil


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Gluten Free Tortillas / Wraps | Vegan, Gum Free, Oil Free ►
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Healthy Taste Of Life says:

If you make these vegan gluten free tortillas, please feel free to share your thoughts and comment below. Its super helpful for me and readers. Make sure to subscribe as more videos with healthy gluten free, dairy free, wholesome recipes are coming! Thank you!😍

Erika Weber says:

Where can I get some gluten-free sourdough starter or how can I do this by my own? ( I only know the non-gluten-free one!

Anastasia _ says:

Hello, great recipe! I was wondering what kind of pan you use

Evelin Souza says:

Amazing! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

Roxana Nadiadi says:

Too much work using potatoes mashing sourdough(not all have this at hand) for those with little time for this,,
How about potato flour arrowroot etc

Elisa Kentt says:

Amazing, and they taste pretty good too!😍

Hana says:

Hi, do you have any substitute for sourdough starter?

Jmendioza Amaraz says:

I need to make these ASAP

Fabrizio says:

Hi, I'm not vegan. What can I use instead of arrowroot powder, and can I use normal yeast, also? Thank you.

bob wa says:

Can we use yeast instead of starter? Can we use Tapioca flour instead of Arrowroot?

Micheal Draconis says:

Thank you very much for making this video arthritics sufferers will love you for helping to get gluten out of their lives

Raj Thiru says:

Addicted to your channel

Raj Thiru says:

Omg you are my savor

Eloquent Touch Art says:

This seems easy as i struggle with my cooking turning out from scratch. I need to try it! Thank you for the video:)

tmcman119 says:

As a GF backpacker I'm wondering if you have any experience with the flexibility of these guys after they are day-old plus… Thanks for the great idea.

nitya dhingra says:

Plz share how to make sourdough starter ..

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