Soup Recipes – How to Make The World’s Best Potato Soup

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Watch how to turn a humble potato into an outstanding soup. We cook the potatoes together with vegetables and add half and half, cheese, and cream of mushroom soup to make it especially creamy and decadent. Don’t forget the bacon!

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naima el qadi says:

what's the name of this music plz !!

白石精英 says:


Jdmsword14 says:

i love the music

Kevin N says:

Pound of bacon and six cubes of bullion equals enough sodium to stop 10 hearts. Have move on from this one.

La-Lola says:

next time get all of the onions and celery out of the bowl

Justmylukc says:

can i leave out the celery ?

Sarah K says:

The music is so distracting and annoying.

Vincenzos Plate says:

I am getting hungry now. I want some.
Beautiful video and delicious recipe.
Cant wait to give it a go. thanks
Vincenzo's Plate

CutestCuteFriend says:

tooooo much fat …who agree with me

simplykathy says:

I'd definitely cream the potatoes with cream and add fresh pureed mushrooms rather than canned. It would give a nice creamier consistency. Nonetheless this looks like a good base for a soup.

Kris723 says:

Cream of Mushroom soup? I'm not feeling that at all

Maja Psychic Horoscope Radio says:

I will add this to my list of recipes

Kristina Butts says:

I prefer the narrator. It's a much better aesthetic for your videos. It's easy to follow and even relaxing to watch. I mean no offense to whoever makes them, but these kind of videos are annoying to me.

mariam a.khaliq says:

Tht music was a little to annoying. .
the narrator made the video more professional..but this looks so non pro n home made.. I mean the txt is so blended in the colours one can hardly read nything..
and any way if we read we dont watchor we watch n miss the txt. . tgt narration makesit so much easier n better..

Cthulhu The Fabulous says:

Canned soup…?

Qlicky says:

I swear, all of these "worlds best" recipes are just cans and some ingredients dumped together. This channel used to be good.

Sami J says:

this looks yummy, perfect weather for it too.

madhousenmich says:

Why add canned soup to homemade soup?

Vema Price says:

Looks so good!

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