Southern chicken stew recipe

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Crystal Hunter says:

He talking to much but he's funny

Mary Spaabeck says:

Got some chicken thighs to bake in the stove! Gonna give it a try! You make some fine looking gravy Mr JB !!!

crick66 says:

Is this not gumbo with chicken?

meansrl says:

he needs to clean his stovetop. that's gross

nubeing500 says:

recipe starts at 3:38… but you gotta love this guy…. he has personality for days… :)

cartina price says:

thanks I miss my mom. so you were able to help me out. thanks

redshift690 says:

Thems my kind of groceries! Still making this following your original multi part vid from back in the day from like 8 years ago. lol And man it always hits the spot! I like to experiment in my cooking and change up the spice blend every so often and add in like fresh jalapenos to the trinity blend going in the roux, but no matter what…it's always food for the soul! Yummm! Thanks for all your vids friend. =)

acajudi100 says:

I brown my chicken first, then make gravy with flour and frozen green peppers, put bottled water, seasonings and cook rice on the side. Option put in potatoes, corn carrots etc. thank you. Judi Grace StoryCorps.

Turina Blair says:

Took to long to get to the point

Kathy Worthington says:

I'm trying this again for tonight's dinner. Hope I get the rue right this time….

bebebutterfield1 says:

I bought one of those robostirrers and that thing and I just couldnt bond. I finally gave up on it. That stew looks yummy JB TY for sharing.

bunique79 says:

My new favorite YouTube channel!!!! You're amazing JB!!

Savemyplant says:

Made this last night and it was damn good!! Only made two changes, one I browned the meat in a separate pan then deglazed it with chicken stock and added it to the pot to finish. And instead of four cups of water I used three cups homemade chicken stock and one cup water. Delish!

Savemyplant says:

Looks great I'll have this tonight! I know this may sound stupid but I actually never had or heard of chicken stew just stew like I knew of was chicken noddle soup. go figure. Great salad idea LOL damn sounds mighty fine.

Anonymoose says:

Gotta love it when they throw things like "15% broth added" on the package (and where you won't see it until after you have it home). Meaning, of course, that you're paying chicken breast prices for bouillon cubes and water.

Probably didn't matter, though, by the time you turned it into stew. That was a fine looking pot full, and I saw Missus JB sneaking out all the good parts while you were over there playing with the rice. LOL

Kenneth Mitchell says:

this is what watching food network should be like. thankfully we will all just be watching youtube on tv in the future

M Leg says:

Love the videos JB!!! Reminds me of my grandmother's cajun style cooking from Lockport LA. She also cooked healthly "good" things like you and she lived to be 89 years old!!! Brings back great memories and your videos helped me to remember some of her recipes. Thanks JB! Keep up the good vids. The other videos i have been watching on you tube is about as Useless as Tits on a Bore!!!

DW's Southern Cooking & BBQ says:

Looking real fine to me JB Yummy!

CU Tiger says:

Watching a 007 movie? I am sure you seen all of them dozens of times?

Bryan Wakeland says:

Looks Yum boy!…but what happened to the audio toward the end?

melissa soenksen says:

Looks good JB! I made some creamy chicken and rice soup today – it was mmm mmmm good

Phinon Noni says:

Hey Boy, Yum!!

CaitLZ0504 says:

Ayyy JB! Love ALL of your videos! They are fan-fricken-tastic. You're awesome! Keep up the great work!

Paul Pennington says:

Hey boy, very nice

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