Southern fried chicken recipe

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Fried Boneless Thighs, collard greens, mashed potatoes & gravy with biscuits. easy to do recipe & cheap.

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fUP420babe says:

st. hubert gravy is actaully sold in canada it’s a popular brand in quebec.
its also a chain of rotisserie chicken restaurants in eastern canada
including quebec, you could say popular in acadia!

Jim Cash. says:

Glad I watched this video while the Bride was cooking dinner, or I may have
been watching at midnight then cooking as they all sleep. Sure did look
Yumm ! 

Chevy Brown says:

I’m telling u JB! I buy fried chicken at the deli too! I only fry on the
holidays. Great meal! 

D. J. Tanner says:

Damn JB, you just made my favorite food of ALL TIME!!! Southern Fried
Chicken! I wish I could get those biscuits here in Pennsylvania, I’ll see
if they have them here at our Walmart, but I doubt it..thanks for the great

Amy Hoffmann says:

Being raised as a young girl in the South? The women in my family soaked
the chicken in salty water overnight before they made fried chicken. They
also only used the flour mixture when they fried it.. But your recipe
intrigues me with the buttermilk dip. I, personally? Won’t drink
buttermilk.. Either you like it or you don’t.. It is to thick and
ironically enough, to salty for me.. But I do cook with it when I make
biscuits, pancakes and some dessert cakes.. Gonna have to try this recipe
for sure…

Amber Amber says:

Amazing recipe (And I adore your accent!!) – You’re my new favourite cook!

theh keith says:

JB!!!! You have a big damn Tabasco sign in yo’ kitchen, but you used Texas
Pete on yo’ collard greens. Why, man? Why? It don’t get no betta than

Obil64 says:

JB you are out your mind but its cool!

oiyabastard says:

this dude is a great uniter of people , making this today in phx
thank you

tubebitch12 says:

I, likes to wrench my hands in the zinc.

martin blouin says:

the st-hubert sauce is from a chain of restaurants here in Québec

anmoose says:

Thighs are some great eating, and a whole lot less fussy than boobs,
especially when you’re frying. Boobs will go dry SO fast if you’re not
paying attention. Fine looking feast, Boy! The double dip on that chicken
gave it an excellent crust. I’ve gotta give that a whirl. Would it work as
well if I substitute diet water for the butt milk? Trying to watch calories
ya know… 😛

SquirrelNutz says:

Sound went out around the 22min mark. I had sound elsewhere just this vid
the sound cut out at that mark.

Southern Coastal Cooking ™ says:

As usual you nailed this one JB! By the way check out my cooking contest
video I posted today


Can u do me some catfish stew or frogslegs,please?

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

Thanks John Boy!


Great looking meal JB. I do miss seeing the robots stealing your beer.
Maybe next video? Hahahaa

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

Add a egg to the diet water & it’ll work ok

DarylCincy DW's Southern Cooking says:

JB that is some mighty fine looking chicken with all the right fixin’s!
Makes me want to mess up my kitchen.

RoosPoops says:

Love the vid. Great looking meal. My family is from Houma, lots of the
meals you prepare remind me of home, so thank you JB. Keep on keepin’ on. 😀

Joe Pfiffy says:

Hey JB I made your southern fried chicken over the weekend and my brother
and his wife along with my parents loved it. Oh yea forgot to say I loved
it too yumm!!!!!!!

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

Don’t be cheap. Eat the good stuff. This meal cost 10 bucks USD & feeds 4
Cajuns. Tyhat equals 6 non Cajuns

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:

Hahahahaha Yeah They will F you up talking bout I want some F,in chicken

Louisiana Cajun Recipes says:


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