Spaghetti Neapolitan Recipe – Japanese Cooking 101

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This video will show you how to make Spaghetti Neapolitan, a tasty and nostalgic Japanese pasta dish. Spaghetti is pan-fried with onion and bell pepper and seasoned with ketchup.
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Erika Irish Ferrer says:

Dont bother about the comment.. its just like your own recipe like in different country.. so thumbs up for this.. yummy, love japanese and italian too.

MieuwPieuw says:

this is so easy even i can make it

Lauro Trapani says:

I'm neapolitan (so italian)… this make me puke!

Nicholas Rolison says:

Noticing a lot of culture disputes going on here, but I think it's masking the real issue here…. a lot of people find ketchup disgusting….including myself.

I think we could all save ourselves a TON of heartache by linking some bomb ketchup's below that we can order online/ substitute for it all together.

This wonderful recipe doesn't have to live & die with its condiment choice.

Patrick Hogue says:

So… If you used tomato paste and sugar instead of ketchup, wouldn't that turn out a bit better?

Robi Hill says:

did you use tomato or banana ketchup?

Bie Lin says:

I tried this recipe today and oh my. God! It's so good and simple! I love it

T M says:

Add a fancy name and its good..otherwise its just the same shit honey boo boo eats or you get called ghetto for eating it….another thing just because someone open an am box of frigging pasta and boils it doesn't mean they r trying not make Italian food..get over yourselves. People can cook pasta however the hell they want O don't see Indian people getting all prissy faced when whites cook curry wrong.

radeed Rad says:

I add soya sauce to the vegetables beside garlic and olive oil. little red chili and white pepper won't harm. also I might add hot sauce. thanx for the dish.

Claudia S. says:

Ma che schifo..!

Chiara Broglia says:

I know that this is not supposed to be an italian recipe, but it scares me anyway ( •ั็ _ •็ั )

ayecarlo says:

Cross game brought me here

Travina Blackshear says:

That looks soo good.. that looks soo easy to cook

BloodyRedStar says:

I've heard this from my Mangaka friend from back in High School she recommended me to try this out one day and now that I found the main ingredients I will! 😀 "Arigato!"~

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