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Special Breakfast Recipes: Stuffed French Toast – Weelicious Get the Weelicious book for 140 recipes like this! weeliciousbook.com When you need a special breakfast to share with your loved ones, try this decadent stuffed french toast! Your family will love it and you’ll get your special day off to the right start! Did your family love this recipe? Let me know in the comments below! Share on Twitter: clicktotweet.com Like us on Facebook: www.facebook.com Follow on Pinterest: pinterest.com Follow on Twitter: twitter.com Check out our Website: weelicious.com Share Special Breakfast Recipes: Stuffed French Toast – weelicious youtu.be And check out the Channel! www.youtube.com

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Catherine McCord says:


PolanerSpreads says:

Yummy! Great idea for a special breakfast.

Catherine McCord says:

You should make it and let me know what you think! I think it is super delicious!

mexicanking7 says:

looks so good

Catherine McCord says:

This would be great for Sunday brunch! 

TheHotPlate1 says:

Wow this looks amazing! I definitely need to try these for a Sunday brunch!

xo @TheHotPlate1

sima225 says:

And Cloe is sooooo adorable!!!!

sima225 says:

I made this today and it was a huggggeee hit!!! Thank u so much :-)

AnotherAmateur says:

Very nice. I have made French toast using cream. I hope you’ll take a look sometime. There are so many recipes for French toast and they all seem delicious. Thanks for these great ideas!

Catherine McCord says:

Yes it is, and thank you again!

123sourkey says:

Nooo problem!!! Is that your daughter? She is ADORABLE!

MyNameIsKedryn says:

@Catherine McCord

theresa perkins says:

aww yo daughter is such a help

kitty cat says:

your daughter is such a cutie!!!!!!

Sly Peters says:

ive made them and i cant stop making them thank u so much

Catherine McCord says:

haha thanks! 

123sourkey says:

You kind of look like Cameron Diaz!

Catherine McCord says:

It is so yummy! You should definitely make it! 

rredcheezy says:

Love this.

Catherine McCord says:


SaftasCookingShow says:

My Daughter loves those French Toast – Thank you!

Catherine McCord says:

You’re welcome! Let me know how you like it if you make it!

SimplyBakings says:

yummy! thanks for sharing the recipe!

Catherine McCord says:

Thank you! :) And Greetings!

SimplyLightful says:

lovely your daughter doing the same as you : ). Greetings from Spain.

lex john says:


Catherine McCord says:


audria69 says:

My favorite!

schaiyndah says:

its almost burn..

Catherine McCord says:

Thank you!

lilbbyangel83 says:

ur daughter is sooooo cute!!

Catherine McCord says:

What kind of preserves do you use? The thicker and/or chunkier you can find the better because it’ll be less watery! 

AttentionPleade22 says:

i tried this recipe and it was DELICIOUS! thanks!
the only downside i found was when i put some strawberry preserves, it made the bread a bit soggy, =/ any suggestions on making it less soggy?

Catherine McCord says:

Thank you so much! My family loves when we make this for breakfast!

TheJaneEden says:

What a great idea! I’ve been looking for something new to add into our weekly breakfast routine, and this is prefect!
With three kids in our house it’s great to find a variety of healthy, easy breakfast ideas that I know all three will actually eat!

Catherine McCord says:

Yay! Let me know how you like this recipe! 

israel reborn says:

I m doing to try!! Thank U XOXO

russian941 says:

You’re such a great mom!!

Catherine McCord says:

So sweet thank you!

yonnieray says:

Chloe takes the fun level up a notch!

yonnieray says:

Yes! I did it it was wonderful.

Catherine McCord says:

Thank you!

lollipoplemonade says:

Aww Chloe’s adorable! 😀

snapcord says:

Also, would this work with peanut butter and jelly?

snapcord says:

Hahaha the little girl is adorable.

Jeremy Benadon says:


Catherine McCord says:

Thank you!!

Catherine McCord says:

Awesome! Let me know how you like it!

Catherine McCord says:

Thank you!

TheWizardofGardening says:

Your little helper is good.

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