Speedy Spaghetti | Gennaro Contaldo

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Sponsored by Bertolli | If you’re after a quick and easy recipe that tastes sublime give Gennaro’s Speedy Spaghetti a go. Anchovies, garlic and sliced chilli are pan fried, tossed through the pasta and finished with parsley and a grating of pecorino cheese. Fast food never tasted so good!

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Giorgio Di Tizio says:

Che schifo, ragazzi…

Dawid Komoda says:

The fastest and tastiest spaghetti I've ever made. Im a huge fan of you mr. Gennaro!

Limited Edition says:

Does anyone know if I could use anything else besides anchovies? I'm allergic to fish

benjovio nejma says:

You are an artist

Kaku Souichi says:

This is italian.  I love italian passion and quirky gesture. say hello from south korean.

Jorge Mario Guerra González says:

Am I the only one annoyed by the metalic clamp

Solstice says:

I accidentally had the video settings on 2x speed, was actually pretty hilarious XD

The Poltical One says:

Where's the other persons serving

bwythe -_- says:

Jeez this guy sounds like a mad scientist villain

Antony Manuel says:

Why this guy cannot just wear more light clothe, it should be hot in that kitchen. That's only an opinion

Brutus Maximus says:

Serves 2 people. Ha. I guess I'm 2 people.

fredericofurlan says:

I love his accent!

Andrea Moro says:

Per il burro farei riaprire Alcatraz…

Dacian Vasilescu says:

Thanks for sharing Chef !

nesh o says:

Metal on teflon, bad idea

Andrea Muzzi says:

Mettere il burro è un’offesa agli spaghetti e a tutta la cucina italiana.
Solo ed esclusivamente olio extra vergine di oliva !!!

Almostgfx says:

All his recipes are incredible and tasty to make

bingrub says:

Everyone should be this happy about food.

roberto davi says:

Amico mio mai burro olio extravergine

zaltmanbleroze says:

I am scared of Anjovis. I admit it.

Mark Shirley says:

Add lemon – just saying

Ha G says:

there are rumours that you can mix butter and olive oil… 😀

Giorgia Pipitone says:

Aglio Oglio e peperoncino 👌🏼👌🏼 the best

Henkzmeister says:

Who else here turn the volume to the max when Gennaro is on?

Iza Rodrigues says:

Butter, butter, butter . Is french recipe ? 😁

Franco Scalisi says:

butter in the spaguettis .. my god what a horror

Howen Jayawi says:

Idk who edits the background music but it is the same one with gordon ramsay's ultimate cooking shows 😂

NeonStrawberry says:

I just made this and it has definitely changed my fkn life. Im 20 years old, I can barely cook and damn imma be cooking a lot more if i can make things like this. Thank you for opening my eyes Gennaro.

slippyg says:

Heart attack on a plate

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