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The kitchen heats up in this episode of Yan Can Cook as Martin shares his favorite spicy dishes. After kicking things off with a Szechuan style spicy boneless chicken (0:44), Martin leaps into the fray as he heroically tackles two fiery dishes at once – dry fried green beans with pork (8:59) and peppered beef (11:09).
For his grand finale, Martin welcomes special guest TJ Robinson, who ran the beloved Cajun/Creole restaurant TJ’s Gingerbread House in Oakland for decades. The two masters collaborate on a zesty jambalaya (17:30), combining shrimp, sausages, and traditional spices from their respective cultures. Stock up on chilis, peppers, and ginger, heat up your wok, and ready those taste buds; It’s time to add spice to your life!
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Yan Can Cook
Season 3, Episode 14, 1988
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About Yan Can Cook:
After receiving his formal restaurant training in Hong Kong, Chef Martin Yan immigrated to Calgary, Canada where he was asked to appear in a daytime news program to demonstrate Chinese cooking. The rest, as they say, is television history. In 1978, he launched the groundbreaking Chinese cooking series ‘Yan Can Cook’ on public television. Infused with Martin’s signature humor and energy, Yan Can Cook has gone on to become a global phenomenon and has won multiple James Beard Awards.

See what Martin is up to now on his website: https://yancancook.com/home/
Discover more fun with food on KQED: https://www.kqed.org/food

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KQED says:

🍳Subscribe to watch a new classic episode of Yan Can Cook every Monday: https://bit.ly/34sLhV6 🍜📺

Ilmari Kinnunen says:

Damn, I wish people gave me frozen chicken skin as gifts. I'd be swimming in schmaltz and broth.

tehkikkoman says:

the botched subtitles are everything <3

Dark Lord Rowan says:

That's a creole Jambalaya, cajun Jambalaya doesn't have tomatoes.

Welcome To Whitlockville says:


ct west says:

I completely understand this being from 1988, and very much support you putting it online. I must say however, that what may be relatively recent history can still be completely WILD. While this would be unacceptable today, it's important to realize what things were like not long ago. Still jealous of those knife skills though.

Zali Becquerel says:

Very excited about this episode! I was a huge fan of Yan Can Cook back in the day, and had a heap of episodes on VHS. This is one that I've never seen before! So happy!

Don G says:

My grandmother watched this show! I remember staying home “sick” from school and watching this show with her. Brings back memories! I miss her. ❤️

{ saturn's rings } says:

martin was kind of making me a little bit uncomfortable in this one lmfao like damn he wouldn't even let her tell a story about her own grandma without interrupting her and trying to cuddle her

i'm generally a fan of his but this was rather awkward lol

Gordon Chin says:

Martin walked all over his guest he didn't let her do anything.

Emily Dong says:

My grandpa loves spicy food and everyone in my family enjoy that too they put a lot of spicy things in the dumplings, noodles and others. It was amazing to see Martin Yan learns some recipes and this year I learned some much experiences from him.

Thank you for sharing this episode he was so clever!!

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