Spicy Lamb Shanks – Gordon Ramsay

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Gordon braises lamb shanks with spices and red wine until it is falling apart and mouth-wateringly tender. From Gordon’s Ultimate Cookery Course. Subscribe for more videos.

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Jack 'The Lad' Stevens says:

I would now only try Lamb Shanks if they were cooked by a chef of Gordon's standard as the ones I've tried elsewhere, well the "chefs" never bothered to cut the white sinew off them, and the sauce they were cooked in was even worse .


vegans have disliked this majestic food porn video

Logan Sim says:

Just a table spoon of olive oil puts Half a bottle

King_ Kenny says:

They look burn

Veri Tas says:

1:49 Just a touch

Aedrian Tomas says:

Gordon drinks olive oil instead of water.

dumbass says:

the lambshank redemption

Juron Lobo says:

Definitely something I want to make!

Rob MDS says:

In she goes

Jovane Siarot says:

Salt pepper,olive oil♥

Shadsy The Hedgehog says:

"Give your meat a good ol' rub!"

Chef Ashish Kumar says:

This is my favorite. A recipe from a true legend to get inspired.

saurav raj Singh says:

Chef Ramsay can you make a video and show us how to cook that Rajasthan Goat recepie you made with that Fat Indian king, when you were in India.

Malik Mustafa Onar says:

LaMb SaUcE LoCaTeD

ElliotThe W says:

Gordon sure loves his red wine…

ElliotThe W says:

Crap, I forgot to season my paprika!

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