Steak n Onion Grilled Cheese recipe by the BBQ Pit Boys

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Rarely does it come along but when it does its magic. We’re eatin’ good tonight Martha. Let’s ride to the sunset. It smells good!

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Anthony Gonzalez says:

Hey Martha, lets ride that white horse to the sunset & leave all those troubles behind!

88kjk75 says:


Ahmad Farzad says:

I love the quarantine background. Keep it up boys!

Ahmad Farzad says:

What cut steak is that? Looks almost like boneless short ribs

Ninojin21 says:

I wonder who's more sexual when cooking this guy or Gordon Ramsay?

Skilpadjie says:

Two things. Thats one nice Lunch. Secondly. I believe I can do 2 oil changes on my car with all the oil in that sandwich. lol

Disturbed Patient says:


CrashnBurn says:

bit of worchester sauce on that cheese yum

K. Stacks says:

Why don't you ever grill your onions man? Everything would be 100 times better with grilled onions but you never do it, not with your burgers or dogs or anything. Why?

peanut hitter says:

WTF! Need to lower my volume while watching…My roommate might think I'm watching porn…

Ulaş King says:

ohhh babyy ovhhhhh :)

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