Steak Pies (the ultimate meat pie)

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How to make delicious Individual Steak Pies, using hot water crust pastry, easy step by step instructions from start to finish.
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Pork pie, 2 parter.
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Blue creek trail By Dan Lebowitz
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Amadd says:

Gotta love the accent almost as much as the pies. P.S. I'm an aussie and much better with some Heinz tom. sauce for me.

Mandii Graham says:

Update on my pies. This pastry is soooo good. I misjudged my thickness when rolling the pastry, so it was a bit thin. Amazingly it held everything in without crumbling even after cutting up a few times. It’s a winner!!!

Jaša Gladež says:

Holy cow. People are saying it’s the best thing they’ve ever eaten! Thank you!!
I added a nice big onion and a ton of mushrooms into the mix as well. Plus an array of herbs.

Mandii Graham says:

It’s been a while since I have visited your channel. I was looking for a recipe for pie pastry so I here I am. This is going to be lunch today but I make a vegetarian curry filling. Yum. Love the new red oven.

Rex Harris says:

I used your recipe for this. Only I used the ground beef that I had on hand. Still came out great. Thank you for this video!!

「 Eric 」 says:

I am one person…. Mine are currently in the oven. How do I store these and for how long? :)

Joy Aroozoo Olsen says:

No soggy bottoms. Hahaha

Pete Le Voguer says:

Hi John, I just discovered your channel. Loving the recipes. Question, would this steak pie recipe and method be the same if I wanted to use a 9 inch pan rather than individual tins?
Thanks and keep em coming!

Di in the UK says:

Hi John! I'm a South Korean trying your recipes for the first time. They seem so delicious and I can't wait to try every one of them 😀 Can you please tell me whether I can use beef dripping instead of lard? My local shops don't seem to carry lard. If not, I will just use shortning. Thank you John!

Nate Mcclain says:

Looks absolutely amazing! I will definitely be attempting this. I have some venison that I think would work well in this recipe. Thank you so very much for sharing!

Stanetti Els says:

Several times during this video I nearly ate my phone. I involuntarily started moving my phone to my mouth. They look amazing.

David Willard says:

If only making Pies ! Was like Metal ! Engineering ! With the Lathe ! ID ! NEVER ! DISPUTE !! IT !!
Joe Piezinski

Henry Kirkwood says:

Absolutely delicious sir! Made it as a side dish for Sunday lunch but everyone asked if there wasn't more! Thanks brother, from sunny South Africa.

John Lyes says:

WOW what a way to make a man hungry!

PlasKoal56 says:

looks like a good AUSSIE Beef Pie!!!! yummo

FloofyUnicorn says:

We must protect this pure soul man at all cost!!! <3

John Hand says:

Im from Dublin Ireland, I think you're absolutely brilliant and very easy to follow, I'll be for sure making some of your dishes

BomberTheGreat says:

I never had a meatpie before. They're just not realy a thing in germany. But these look so good… i think i have to try making them :)

Levi Jade says:

Fo you do a bulk for all 3 books like an offer

dmp2000uk says:

May I ask if the oven temperatures are for fan or conventional ?

Mr Nobody in VR says:

Really nice, John, thank you so much, took me back to my moms wonderful dinners, and its been a while since I've had one of those. All the best, thanks again.

DR Marine says:

Magnificent. thank you i'll give this one a try.

Harcos says:

Another great video, John.

I always find it easier to eggwash the lid rather than the case, that way you're very unlikely to get any on the tin.

beachboy13 says:

Making these today, you just can not find a good pie where I live in Slovenia. Thanks

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