Sticky Pork Ribs | Gordon Ramsay

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We hope you’ve been enjoying Gordon’s recent recipes – this recipe for spicy sticky pork is perfect this time of year and a great dish for Christmas dinner parties or New Year’s Eve.

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Caveman Fitness - FiLthy FiT says:

Your presentation is garbage Gordon.

Maureen Doucette says:

Love you Gordon! Amazing ribs! 😋

josh huge says:

Where in the HELL did he buy those ribs. They're fuckin terrible 🤣

Boanca Filip says:

just made this recipe, they turned absolutely delicious and sticky af. A bit too star anisey for my pallet, but still loved them

TheMrEpicsounds says:

Me: Follows recipe

Gas Man: "That'll be £300"

David Parker says:

Damn foo i got to cook this one for thanks giving 🤔

Eric Shayer says:

I belive it is 180 Celsius, no?

Dougtube says:

I'd love to try that, but I'm dreading cleaning the pan afterwards.

Christopher Bridges says:

What does one serve with this?

S Premier says:

FYI America, 180^ Celsius is equivalent to 365^ Fahrenheit . I’m cooking these today and I hope they’ll be fantastic!.

Fred Nutz says:

I'm sure they will taste yummy for some but for me there is too many flavours going on there. K.I.S.S.

Eddie Luxx says:

Is that 180 degrees Fahrenheit? 350 degrees celcius in the US?

anna s says:

What degree do you put on the stove

Lyn Zhu says:


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