Stovetop smoked steak and a rib

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Merry Christmas and Happy New year

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Doeray says:

These look amazing.  My Cajun buddies can cook some amazing food,  gravies,  sauces,  etoufees, gumbos,  crawfish, homemade boudin/andouille/sausage,  the whole nine yards.   But their steaks are beyond horrible,   couldn't cook a steak if their life depended on it.  One guy  buys expensive cuts,   pokes them full of holes,  and keeps them on the fire 20 minutes per side.   Its well done before he even turns them.    I'm am relieved to see a Cajun cook a proper steak.

jeremiah arnett says:

I know electric stoves are none union but will this work on one?

Tipping Toast Media says:

what you do to your elbow boy!?

Rowdy Busch says:

Happy Holiday's to you and yours Sir. Look like you got the tendonitis. I personally know how much pain that is hope you get better soon.

caper001 says:

Happy New Year to you and yours JB. Always look forward to the videos pal.

bowhunter2439 says:

Looked great JB , handy little pan right there , specially when its cold an nasty outside , Happy New Years ….!!!

Brian Bowling says:

JB I believe it. Those non union plastic wrenches didn't make things any better. Happy New Year looking forward to some more amazing content.

Brian Bowling says:

JB Screw that carriage…I spent a few hours putting my daughters together…

MrPhreeradical says:

Lookin good JB, have a good new year boy!

Mark Britton says:

I was almost ready to cuss you JB, but damn, once again you are the man! Thank you for reminding me that there are always more than one way to skin the cat!

Jen and Grant Dozier says:

JB, Happy, Happy New Year, Sir and all the best in 2017! We will be in NOLA for the Sugar Bowl cheering for "our" Tigers — Enjoyed the video!!

Anonymoose says:

LOL! That smoking pan was a little warmer than you thought it would be…

When riding toys haven't drawn blood, they haven't been used yet. Sounds like the granddaughter has been testing that. The back flip had to be quite a sight.

Looks like there are almost more toys there now than you have house! My Christmas was substantially more peaceful. Rocky got a catnip flavored prezzie and shredded the wrapping paper all over the patio, and I made a mess in the kitchen playing with a 9 pound ham. (without the 'mer'.) Video went up yesterday. Happy Peace After Christmas, my friend!

TheCommenter7 says:

I made some pork ribs for my Christmas meal inspired by the JB Meister, some greens on the side and a potato. and I ate it all yes indeed.

James West says:


FitAnge S says:

Looks wonderful JB love the potato as well. Hope you and the family had a great Christmas.

01_LovelyCreation says:

Omg! your new lil animated intro is TOO cuuute! #DoinBigThangs

A House says:

Tennis elbow acting up Boy?

thehoosierfortheUK says:

I'm not first, you're first you posted the video hahahahahahahahahaha!!!

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