Strawberry Pie Recipe

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This fresh strawberry pie is a must make when berries are in season. You’ll LOVE the perfectly sweet filling with tons of fresh strawberries in a flakey homemade butter crust. Serve it with a big dollop of whipped cream and you’ll be in heaven!

Full Recipe:
Perfect Pie Crust Recipe:

You can use a premade crust with this recipe but making this pie from scratch takes it to a whole new level of delicious!! Let me know in the comments if there are any more pie recipes you’d like me to make!!


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Denise Pineda says:

One of my favorite pies.

denise eaton says:

In my family we all take turns hand whipping cream for dessert.

JoAnn Hutt says:

Lord Have Mercy!! Ha! That is a "must-Make"!! You're a bloody genius,John! 😉

Cheri Powers says:

Just harvested some strawberries from the garden. Hmm….wonder if I have enough for this pie….

j898uyt says:

Wow can't wait to try this!! Never seen a similar recipe

summer lovering says:

You're my fave!!!

As Bo says:

wow this pie looks so yummy

camila campos says:

Hello pourquoi vous n écrives pas la recette dans la descripción du vidéo

Bea M says:


Rocio Gomez Castro says:

Quiero hacer esta receta yaaa!

lol says:

7:43 well, I’ve beaten whipped cream by hand and had accidentally overbeaten it before. But, it was my first time so I Guess it was bound to happen :/

Pancha Pistolas says:

May I have a slice of that?

뀨? says:

looks so delicious!! I'm a beginner, so I want to learn how to make Peach pie using canned peach…

Arrynek01 says:

I've seen one strawberry in that entire bunch that I'd classify as ripe.

They all look like they've been 3D printed.

Rodney Hughes says:

Love your lemon grater, looks good and strong, what make is it?

Triana Nania says:

I made this recipe last week. Amazing!!!!!!!! The crust was super easy to make and roll. My neighbors loved it. Thanks.

Maragret Egan says:

Was real good!😄

islandmama says:

I saw this video and was salivating over this pie. After a week I gave in, went to the market, got the strawberries and made it. Best decision ever!!!! Make this pie, you won't regret it!

Tabby Sheikh says:

i like all of your recepies

Kevin K says:

If you can't have dairy, refrigerate a can of non-lite coconut milk, then whip the solids. It works and tastes great.

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