Stretch your WSM inside to smoke large briskets

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How accommodate a 20″ Packer Brisket in a 18.5″ WSM,
without cutting it in half…

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Elton's BBQ-pit says:

I have a 18,5" WSM so this video was right up my alley!
Great tip on how to "stretch" the wsm..
Cheers from Norway

skoggit says:

Enjoyed the video, can't go wrong with a Weber!  I have a Pit Barrel Cooker, one time set for the vent, no temp gauge and will cook and smoke a 16 lb. to 18 lb.  brisket in 7 to 8 hours!  Made one and it came out perfect!  Nothing like the Pit Barrel Cooker, the meat hangs instead of setting on a grate.  Best investment I ever made!  Your brisket looked fantastic!  I also smoke my briskets with hickory wood.  I like the bold smoke flavor!  Enjoyed the video!  Take Care!

BeeRich33 says:

I used to cut 14 pounders in half. They're too big, and too old (Canadian meat is allowed to age gracefully). 7-9 pounders are optimal. I wrap around 160, works like a charm. My setup, 1 bottom vent FO, top FO. Set years ago, forgot about it. What smoke wood did you use? What temp did you take it to?

I do need a Brisket Wrench though. Nice clean grates, JB. Look new.

Ken Branch says:

I love it when you talk Texan. And your even know the pull test…..I'm impressed. Is the thermometer on top; accurate? I

Lee Skipper says:

Always informative

Hanoch Moyer says:

Don't know if I have ever commented but I have been a long time subscriber, great idea, great brisket, great job!

Wayne Downing says:

pretty in-genius

Keyplayr61 Greenhouse Hydroponics And Gardens says:

Smart idea, JB! I'll have to keep that in mind!

Banter says:

I usually just tuck the flat end up under then when it shrinks it levels out.

Anonymoose says:

LOL @ the brisket wrench! The finished brisket looked outstanding! My grill is currently down for maintenance, and I've gotta get off my lazy ass and get it back together. One can only go without for so long. LOL

Preston Buffington says:

Great idea JB. I just got the same smoker and I would never have thought of that. Thanks.

Paul Wells says:

So clever JB. This engineer salutes you! What an elegant solution.

Jeff says:

JB you don't have to say hey girls. I think we're all getting there equal now. Except for the feminist of course. God damn freaks.

hollernathan says:

What was the temp you smoked it at JB? Great vid! And is 275 a good temp? Franklin BBQ uses that as his standard temp. Thank you

Kaleb says:

Damn JB… them grates look brand new…. keep'n that smoker clean boy.

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