Summer Grilling Recipes: BBQ Scallops with Green Salad / Vieiras con Tocino y Ensalada Verde

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In today’s video we are grilling BBQ Scallops with bacon and preparing green salad. To Get Full BBQ Scallops recipe and Green Salad Ingredients visit links below:

BBQ Scallops Recipe:

Green Salad Recipe & Ingredients:

I paired this summer treat with a delicious mighty green salad. Since this recipe was a little higher in fat than normal, I opted for a hearty lower carbohydrate compliment, a green salad full of asparagus, peas, arugula and mache rosettes just sounded (and tasted) like a winner!

The following green salad ingredients are based off what grows here in Texas, so feel free to change up the recipe based off your location in the world!

Enjoy the video and let me know what you think about my BBQ scallops with bacon & green salad in the comments below. :)

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Breanna Schebetta says:

These recipes are amazing! Im gluten intolerent and lactose-intolerant. could you do a video on dairy free, gluten free recipies?

Jem4u90 says:

Literally got scallops just to make this recipe. Love you Kevin !!!!

Jose Padilla says:

Hey Kevin! My church is doing a Daniel fast (vegetables and legumes). Any ideas for meals during the fast?

Lio Sal says:

Why spend so much time working on your body and then ruin it with awful tattoos??

Ana C says:

Kevin! Where are your dishes from?The plates look amazing!

Stubrok says:

Found your channel from a review on the App Store. Good vid, subbed. Also checking out the app. Thanks.

carocia bluitt says:

Please where did you get the scallops? I NEED THEM 😁

Brianna Najera says:

seriously i don't know how to cook for the life of me but you inspire me to wanna learn..recipe looks amazing!

Caroline De Meyer says:

What a smile!! 😍😍😍😍

The January Issue says:

bump the recipe, i've officially developed a crush on you, Kev. ☺️☺️☺️.

Rasna Sethi says:

here's a challenge for you. I'm broke and unemployed ATM. What's the cheapest weekly meal prep you can do?

yeahthatsright33 says:

Jesus that looks good. Awesome video Kev, thanks for making and sharing!!!!

Red says:

Ok yeah I had to watch that again. Yup you did say beef 🥓! Lol … I can't believe I've never heard! I live in Arizona?? How in the heck? I guess I've been in my bubble too long. Haha 😂 thanks for this delicious recipe. 💥

Jessica Rocha says:

You should audition for Next Food Network Star! ⭐️

Anne Ene says:

the actual cooking starts at 4:00

lilmeeper123 says:

great macros too

Dawn Piparo says:

can't wait to cook this!

Dajuan H. says:

This looks amazing, you are the best man…your tips are always A1.

Alexus Rangel says:

Ahh looks so good can't wait to try thanks fitmencancook!!!

Uzi Khan says:

I like these longer form videos more than the quickie vids, nice!

Sharice Bryant says:

Looks amazing! Gonna try this with turkey bacon from the deli! Thanks Kevin!

Honigprinzessin says:

oh Kevin! Your Tip with the flat scuers just changed my life 😀 so simple yet so effective. Boom 😀 Thank you so much

FAT CUNT says:

>not eating a 10000 calories prison burrito for massive gains
Never gonna make it

Isidro Glez says:

Thanks fit men cook! this recipe looks deliciosa-delicious!

bouba033x says:

local products are always better 😉
Please give us another bbq recipes, hard to find different fit bbq ideas !
A little bit expensive recipe, but usually it's cheap, so why not for this one 😉

marsjer1 says:

food network needs you sir

haungc1 says:

I love these style of videos! Keep it up the good work!

PJ Muller says:

Looks like I'm going shopping…some NJ grocery stores better not do me wrong!

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