summer vegan buddha bowls | 7 easy vegan recipes

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7 easy vegan recipes made into buddha bowls, or just eat them all together! I wanted to share some of the vegan sides I’ve been making as the weather has been getting warmer. I hope you guys enjoy the recipes!





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Kinga sz says:

Your bowls are tested and they are awesome and simple. Definitely will try your other recipes. : )

A Visionary Scheme says:

Yum!! These look delicious and nutritious! New subscriber ❤️

Pumpkin Pants says:

Where are the recipes? Looks so good.

Bet OR says:

Finally I find something that I can actually do!! Do you have a cookbook??? You should!! I would buy it!

Carlos Lima says:

Looks deeelicious.

Joan McKee says:

Wow, wow, wow, brilliant ideas. Thanks

Ariel Athena says:

i have just done a video debunking some anti-vegan arguments

Temi Segun says:

looks delicious, cant wait to make this!

Nancy Hoefnagels says:

I'm not even vegan and i love this

Homegrown Vegan says:

My mouth is watering watching this

Star says:

Hey there…you are absolutely stunning….and just loving that you use lots of avocado in your recipes x

MOODY says:

for gluten free you can use quinoa for the first salad :-) I tried that too and and it was really good

Monica Lewis-Schmidt says:

Awesome video and great ideas….I definitely am going to try it myself. It may sound weird but it would be nice to see you taste the food…your expressions helps the imagination :-)

Natural Thatsme says:

Not a vegetarian/vegan but it looks great something easy to fit into your diet especially in the warmer months

Home, Craft N'Things says:

Hi I love those recipes. I suffer from candida and I have a lot of issues with my gut and digestion. Have you ever suffered from candida as I heard you mentioned that you try to avoid added sugars?

Eva Fajardo says:

These look delicious, thank you for sharing!

Rasa Ulozaite says:

First your video that I have watched. Absolutely love recipies! :)

Farah Lee says:

they look heavenly.

Tanya Agrawal says:

Hey! Loved the Buddha bowls….please make such recipe videos more…thank you..

Lizzie Clay says:

Hey Rachel, I love watching you make your food, but I noticed for the first recipe you didn't say how long to leave the potatoes in oven. Also in the second recipe how long do the broccoli stay in oven. Can you spell that tahini cream you put in and where do you purchase it. Did you roast the garlic? I know this is a lot but I really want to make these. Please respond. Thanks so much for sharing.

Jennifer says:

whats the serving size of the tabbouleh? :)

Parez Morris says:

i dont eat like this everyday, my staples are mostly beans rice veggies and oatmeal bowls with fruits.

Emma Scherptong says:

Lovely meals …makes me happy too! Elevating Vegan food…and making it accessible to everyone X

S -jung says:

What/why Buddha concerns to yr recipe ? Are you Buddhist ?

Anumeha Sharma says:


Anumeha Sharma says:

Boiled potato water has nutrition. Try to ad less water in covered pan

Alice Hobbi says:

I’m a vegetarian and these bowls look super yummy!

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