Super Easy 2 Ingredient Fudge In One Bowl – Tasty Christmas Candy Recipe!

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Super Easy 2 Ingredient Fudge In One Bowl – Tasty Christmas Candy Recipe!

In today’s show, we’ll be making 2 different homemade fudge recipes, including an easy 2 ingredient fudge recipe that’s super simple, cheap and yummy, and is a great candy for Christmas and other holiday parties! This is the perfect time of year for fudge, so join us as we make it and then make some for yourself!

2 Ingredient Easy Fudge Recipe

Old Fashioned Homemade Fudge Recipe

25 of the Best Easy Christmas Candy Recipes

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Lucy Hagy says:

Thank you, my cookbook just came in this evening. So excited. I am sitting in my chair reading my new book.I love to watch your cooking lessons on line. Thanks for fast delivery of cookbook. I live in 30529 in Georgia.

Courtney & Pam Guyton says:

Thank you for this recipe. My family loved it!

Belinda Sanasac says:

Looks delicious

Peggy Hurley says:

Come buy my house in Idaho Falls. Room for studio and much more. 5 acres. Call me.

Moomin Mama says:

My daughter is 18on the 10th of December x

Loraine Macdonald says:

I CAUGHT that. Mike was posing like the deer.

Bonnie H. says:

Could you use your stick blender to stir the fudge?

Gabby s Mom G says:

MY Dining on a dime came today :) … now I can follow along

Connie Duncan says:

I like the idea of having Mike help with problems segment. Lots of us have problems, so it would be nice if Mike could help people with this. He is very thoughtful with his answers. I liked hearing talk about the book Boundaries and maybe people could ask questions with problems they have in this area. Last year the segments with Christmas and how to deal with overspending etc was very helpful to me.

Tina's Tiny Living Tiny Family says:

If you move to Washington, you are in my state. You want to stay away from the Seattle area at all cost. I live in Forks, WA in the rain forest. You think traffic is bad in Colorado, you haven't seen anything in Seattle. Temperature on the west side of WA state is pretty moderate all year long.

TheGoldenpen Aris says:

Love Mike's apron. Got it get it for my husband! LOL

Shellie Martin says:

Love your show. I have a wonderful book recommend. I know you love books. Have you read "The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment" Very convicting. Very good

HowToMakeIt says:

i love that Apron on Mike

Dinahsoar says:

Listening to your wants and needs, my thoughts about where you should live for what it's worth which is zip: you should move to Kansas, live near your mom and brother and have the low cost of living. The weather issue, with central a/c and heat inside the house it's not that big of an issue. You both work from home, so going to work in bad weather is not an issue. And Tara has health issues that keep her on the sofa much of the time. Realistically, how much time will you actually spend outside? Live near family, live cheap and sock away the cash and when you have a big nest egg, move to the place of your dreams.

Theresa Scroggins says:

Love the 2 ingredients fudge idea. Have dark chocolate chips to use. Thanks

kathaleen jackson says:

Hi hope all goes well with your house.

TheGoldenpen Aris says:

In the UK we have an equivalent of shortening: It's called TREX. It is white solidified Vegetable fat. I use it in baking a lot.

greenlovingmom says:

I've heard good things about cannabis oil. You should check it out.

C. Christopher says:

My oldest daughter's bday is the same day as Mike's! Happy early bday Mike!!!🤗~Christine

Hazey Rose says:

His shirt is hilarious! I need one for my husband!

katwolf85 says:

Love the aprons

Grampy Campy says:

I live in Michigan

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