Super Tasty – Top 5 EPIC Fish Recipes by Master Chefs from China • Taste Show

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Looking for simple and delicious fish recipes? Masterchef John and Chen Yichun together showcase 5 unique recipes and cooking techniques originated in China.

0:22 Southern Star Grouper Fillet Roll-Ups 筆墨魚冊
4:38 Crispy Sweet and Sour Fish 燒汁魚
8:01 Crispy Seaweed Fish Fillet 苔條魚
11:11 Dry-Braised Fish With Pork in Spicy Sauce 乾燒魚
15:58 Chrysanthemum Fish In Sweet And Sour Sauce 菊花魚

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Are you craving for yummy food? Look no further.

Here we have the best recipes, prepared by award-winning masterchef to showcase authentic, traditional cooking.

Whether you want to know how to make tasty meals at home, or learn how to master cooking, we’ve got you covered.

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bon vivant says:

Love to watch your style of cooking .😍 I always wait for the moment where you add Shaoxing wine in your recipe 😉
Could you please mention the music list in your videos ? It's so soothing 🎶

Cheryl S. says:

Like an artist!

nunG weRa says:

Enjoy all your videos..thank you😊💕

fault Kavi says:

Thalai va ne epavume vera 11 than po😍😘


hi iam james from kenya please tell me can get your books

Lerma Sagun says:

Watvhing in hongkong and qatar

Mrs Juno says:


aditya dwivedi says:

why always running tap..???

Agustin Nodarse says:

Showman-Chef, a Master…..

Max Y says:

if you want to live beyond 50, don't eat like this. he uses oil like water.

Jane Alegria says:

What's the name of 2nd dish?

Kimie nick says:

On my 13 I help at restaurants kitchen but my main job is bartender 😅😅😅… I like LEARN cooking specially on this type cooking sweet and sour, mostly others use pineapple.. but me use carrot, corn and green beans and mix with Sunkist juice ☺️☺️☺️ and the taste and aroma made you tounge felt fresh with healthy food 👍👍😊

vijaya kumari says:

Sir your cooking style is very nice, I am cooking Indian food very well, but your cooking style super.

Sheji Kazmi says:

You guys are amazingly talented and creative! Simply Superb!!! 💖😘🍽

Harjinder Singh says:

Awesome art
You are right master chef

Amy says:

From the way chef 👨‍🍳 do the cooking can see from his face that he truly has the passion for culinary arts 😋, thank you for sharing so many good recipes with us 👍👍👍

Ram Coffea says:


Manuella Bria says:

Knpa ko masak ikan semua

Myint Thidar says:

Chef John, big fan here!! I try to smash the fillet like you did on first recipe. But it is too sticky on my hands and mess up. Could you please teach me how to make it nonstick like you did?

Samzzz says:

He is big fan of water n starch😂

Fala gar says:

9:39 what is a slat?

JTHAWK101 T. says:

I am not a chef I just love to cook and I would keep watching but there are no ingredients posted so Tharp we can try our hand at the recipe. Great cooking but please show ingredients and amount of the ingredient. BYE!

Michiel Ansari says:

🤔🤔Very hard work

Assembly says:

Professional chef. We cooking noobs can't cook that lol.

Sudhir Debbarma says:


Altaf Vahanvaty says:

You Legend!!!

Meeta Ghosh Sen says:

He is an artist

chandra chud says:

Save thn water chief please close your tap

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