sweet potato and corn soup from scratch – soup recipes – easy recipe – homemade food – meal prep

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This sweet potato and corn soup from scratch is delicious and really filling with some very hearty Flavors that are perfect for the winter months. This is a really easy recipe that takes a little bit of time, but then again most soup recipes take time. If you like homemade food like this please comment below and let me know your ideas and thoughts so perhaps we can incorporate them into future meal prep videos. As always, thank you for watching Healthy Recipes Channel.

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Someone who loves the LORD GOD says:

This is the kind of healthy eating that I really like. You have taught me a new way to prepare sweet potatoes Thank you and Amen

Detrice Gates says:

dont really cook but im trying to eat healthier so this is gonna be my first healthy cooked meal! hopefully i do it right!

Chop Happy says:

Yummy flavors! Love that you added the pepper

S.I. G. says:

You have great recipes. Just be you. Don't worry about pleasing certain viewers or justifying your methods. We are here to learn to cook new recipes and see you in the video at least once or more! Thanks for sharing your talent with us. Shannon

WholeFoodFun says:

Looks great! Ill be making this tonight! Thanks. I subbed :)
Check out my channel if you want ✌️

Vincenzos Plate says:

this is beautiful comfort food chef

Mariam x says:

That looks really good!! Definitely giving it a try. Do you think it would still taste good if i use liquid vegetable stock instead of water?

Ellen's Homemade Delights says:

I love Sweet Potatoes!! Delicious quick and easy Soup 😊

Taylor Marie says:

looks delicious! your videos would be more interesting if we could see your passion for cooking and made you voice not so monotone

Food Recipes by Taj Kitchen says:

Wow that looks so DeLiCiOuS, YuMmY👍👍👍

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