Sweet potato boudin pies

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Topped with crushed cracklin’s from Rudolph foods

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L Wisby says:

I bet that is good.

Ray Wright says:

Hi JB …… hope all is well

Southern Coastal Cooking ™ says:

YUM BOY Yeah that boudin pie

AH shooting and Just Good Food says:

Hey Boi. JB I'm a big fan. I've been subbed to you for years. Your the reason I bought my weber smokey mountain lol I'm in the UK dude. I've never heard of boudin over here, I'm not sure what the equivalent would be is it spicy, cured, smokey? Hope your well dude.

mikefab12 says:

I’m going to try this thanks for the recipe

b h says:

nice snack(:

b h says:

brother im with ya.this weather got to go!missed work Friday because to dam many roads flooded…

Critter Gitter says:

Man yeah , gotta give this a try , Ronnie’s huh , C G

Mike Lyons says:

We'll eat them for NASCAR day. Maybe game day once in awhile LOL you made me hungry again!

TheCommenter7 says:

I like how the recipe says cook the bacon for a snack. Bahahaha brilliant

1WickedAngel1 says:

Looks delicious 👅 💦 JB ! I love Horseradish ! I'm gonna try that Atomic stuff ! I like mine hot ! Man, those Salads looked Amazing ! Have an awesome day JB ! Take care boy ! 💙

PBR Streetgang says:

"For general principle" lol I use that all the time.

Bob Ogus says:

That looks like a winner for sure. And keep an eye on Amazon’s prices. I’ve seen them go up from the time I browse the item to the time I put it in the cart (same seller). That’s shadier than a plantation oak tree covered in moss.

Oren says:

Never had boudin that can ever recall. I can get it from a prime butcher meat shop, but it's frozen. Sometimes on sale; yet seems expensive.

Tim Jackson says:

That combination does sound good. Where is Ronnie’s? I live in Gonzales la and get smoked bodian from the best stop. Love it smoked.

cayogator says:

Hmmmmm, interesting…..I might give dat a try (if I could get boudin in Fla!) lol

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