Taco Tuesday: Mexican-Style Zucchini Tacos

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OK, this week’s Taco Tuesday takes me back to my time as a student living in Mexico City, where this mixture of tatume squash and roasted poblano in a tomato-crema sauce quickly became my go-to order at the taqueíra down the street.

Nostalgia aside, it’s still one of my favorite tacos of all time.

It all starts with the flavoring base, a simply satisfying tomato-onion-garlic mixture that serves as the foundation for the roasted chiles, corn and herbs. A big dollop of Mexican crema lends the mixture an irresistible richness. (If you stir it in al the very last moment, Greek yogurt can stand in for the crema.)

These are downright perfect as a vegetable option for dinner, but if your crowd is more carnivorous, these will be be super good with the addition of small pieces of pork tenderloin (simmered along with the with the squash), shredded rotisserie chicken or, of course, some crispy fried bacon.

Get the recipe: http://www.rickbayless.com/recipe/mexican-style-zucchini-tacos/


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Tina92316 says:

Can’t wait to try this with vegan cream cheese.

TheStepanl says:

Absolutely amazing! I did not believe it would be good without meat, and it was!!!!

K. Fuentes says:

I’ve watched all your shows from the early Food Network days and your PBS shows too. You have not aged one bit and still handsome as ever. Great to see you here on YouTube.

David Diaz says:

Rick I took your advice and made this recipe for meatless monday and taco tuesday! Loved it! In fact whenever I look for vegetarian recipes I find myself consistently turning to your channel. Thank you.

Grandpa Can Cook says:

This recipe is awesome. I saw it awhile back and bookmarked it. I figures someday I will make it. Well that day was yesterday.
My meat loving son was coming by for lunch. He loves salads and eats vegetables, but to him a meal without meat is not a meal. Just in case I had a T-bone waiting in the fridge.
We live in Australia so had to use the substitutions as suggested in the recipe.
The end result was terrific, the taste is so good, and fresh tasting.
My son mentioned that he rather have carne asada tacos, but that he would appreciated being invited next time we make these
PS: my wife and I shared the T-bone today with the zucchini as a great side dish

chaztech says:

Thanks Rick :)

sylenceexposed says:

He dropped the spatula haha.l love this guys cooking.

Elianna Lizeth says:

Holy smokes this brings me back to when I was a little girl. This was one of our Friday dinners (no meat in Friday's). I am going to make it for my vegetarian sister n law this weekend. I think she is going to love it.

tttarms1970 says:

Please do more vegeterian


Love your recipes, like this too but not any cream ! I like cumin and cheese and beef in it .

Nicole Violette says:

Could you use Greek yogurt instead of cream?

C Alvarado says:

That looks amazing! I'm hosting a taco party in the near future and one of my friends is vegan, this would be an awesome substitute for the meat. What do you suggest to use for the crema substitute? Thank you for sharing your yummy recipes I truly enjoy them, and cooking them as well.

Coco Loco says:

Super Mexican!!

cheekie neeks says:

My husband and I were like wow! Our moth are like watering for it. I'm in bed doing my asthma treatment watching the taco Tuesday series writing which ones we want to try first. This one is on top of the list. We can't wait to do taco tues series every tues 😊

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