Tangkhul Naga Style Chilli Pork | Raphei Hoksa | Naga Pork Recipe

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Raphei Hoksa is a traditional recipe of the Tangkul Naga tribes and its an easy to cook, simple pork recipe, which is stewed for hours in Sirarakhong chilli powder locally available in the Ukhrul district of Manipur however you can replace with any chilli powder. This dish is not just beautiful but superlatively delicious and goes perfectly with piping hot steamed rice.

Hope you enjoy this recipe and do share it with your family and friends!!

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Kaini Temi says:

If pork is bund in northeast the third world war will begin ☺️😜

V K says:

I will try it tomorrow ….looks yummy 😊👍

gareeb kashmiri says:

Altogether different style of cooking pork, resembles Kashmiri Rogan Josh but without fennel powder, will definitely try it.

Lambha Rongrin says:

I really love Naga styles.

Sunita Narzary says:

Looks very delecius n hot…bt ur so preety sister.i m fm assam

Gaingamlung Dangmei says:

Pig smell will be there yaar

Lohit Nagar says:

No salt? Lmao

Shubhendu Sri Harsh says:

Man… Looks sooo good😍😍… I hope we can cook in induction too right

Subhajit Naskar says:

R u naga Or manipuri?

Moa Jamir Carey says:

Very simple, easy…. Good. But 2 hours is quite long 😊👍👍

Munmun Chakraborty says:

What's the meaning of these words "Raphei" and "Hoksa" ?

Santanu Majumder says:

u must increase quantity of chilli..in ol ur recipe

Pritam Debbarma says:

Where r u frm tripura or nagaland..

Manuj Kumar Gogoi says:

Before corona I will die for not having pork…during lock down..

Scythian Lord says:

Looks very delicious and beautiful. However, can this be pressure cooked first to reduce gas usage?

Kevichülie Sopfunuo says:

Such a simple recipe

Boigin C says:

Just vowwww,,,,simple cook….it will be tasty too

Ananda Roy says:

I like your smile😂😃😃

Ananda Roy says:

I like your smile😂😃😃

Kim Jong Un says:

You cannot cook raphei hoksa without garlic.

lucky ac says:

i will try….

Nolbind M Marak says:


Gloria Panmei says:

No ginger garlic?? Won't it smell?

Mukesh Hazng says:

I Love Pork

Mio Aisaka says:

No time to wait for 1 Hour .. I'll starve to Dead ..🙄

Skarchana Vishwakarma STUDIO says:

Wow nice wakbahan mangso

Phungbili Brahma says:

Mouth watering……. 🤤🤤🤤

dhup galaxy says:

Ohh 😬😬 never gonna try it yaaaay red chilli powder 🤯🤯 bou pls make a video on dry pork dishes.. 😋😋

Swapan Tripuri says:

Mmmmmm😋😋 yummy. ……………i Will try it at my kitchen

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