Texas brisket How to Smoke

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with my mac & cheese recipe
He done a 1st class job. TOO! Lets see yours?

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Ruthless Goat says:

You want my opinion? Religion is for the incredibly stupid and naive. You're welcome, and remember, you asked for my opinion. So, you can delete and block, or let it stand. Let's see what sort of man you are.

elrabbitsbbq says:

Your boy did a fine job on that brisket ,& I know the Mac n cheese was good I would just say a good time was had by all.

ctechie06 says:

know that street very well. Do you know whats on the corner of that street and Poydras? My fav. food joint for a Ferdi!!!

BoyYardee says:

Okay you got me on the Chap-pa part, a mere technicality.

leetshots says:

aha, over here evap milk is usually the same thing, least i always thought so! will look next time i'm in the shop

ebrown126 says:

JB..doing your mac n cheese tomorrow. Was that a 1lb box or 2lbs of Mac in that box? Also, is white pepper 100% necessary or can i use black? I dont have any white…Thanks!

BoyYardee says:

pronounced: "chew-pee-too-las"?

Heretic says:

JB, my family and I love your Mac and cheese, I make it all the time.

Lord Overfiend says:

Hey JB I was wondering if you had any videos making homemade bread be cool if you did let me know if you do love to check them out thanks bro

jcraigb says:

Taught him well JB nice vid boy

David Jackson says:

Hey jb can u make oxtails an gravy an rice

David Jackson says:

Im from nat la an when we cook our butterbeans we put pigtails in it an smokeham an smoke bacon in it yo

David Jackson says:

Whats going on jb have u ever eat meatpies befor

craigstowing says:

Hey where u find dat truck man !! U can send me that confound lantern…. YA'LL made fine job JB…………….tks for the laughs

TheKyridgerunner (Chris England) says:

JB, I commented to Damn early in the video…lol… Holy Smokes on the Brisket.!!! Finger licking GOOD.!!!

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