The 4 Best Omelette Recipes

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1. Green Soufflé Omelette:
2. Omelette In A Bag:
3. Omelette Grilled Cheese:
4. Takoyaki-Maker Omuice:


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kaos j says:

This does not look like a Tasty video at all

Ian Topczewski says:

If you want a fluffier omeltette then only add salt when its on your plate

Blitzrak says:

hate that music.

md heshamuddin bablu says:

Cooking anything in plastic is very harmful for health. U should avoid plastics

Daryl Smith says:

crabmeat and avacados

Vb1953 says:

I am actually on a diet ,but I can’t stop watching these food videos .WHY AM I TORTURING MYSELF ? I need HELP !!!

acramish says:

I love the bite-sized omuraisu if that's what you can call it.

F Azeemi Hayat says:

I am Pakistani so our normal omelets Include of course red chili spice salt pepper bell pepper onion tomato coriander and oil

F Azeemi Hayat says:

Yum yum the first one

Hot Food says:

Woww supper 😋😍

welty69 says:

2nd one is NOT an omelette

ExpertPlayer says:

This music gives me headache

BestDivine Dishes says:

Don't like the look of it 😫
But well presented 👍

Apurva Kumar Joshi says:

Plasticizers leach out at high temperatures . Cooking stuff in plastic is dangerous.

Apurva Kumar Joshi says:

These are some dishes with egg, not omelette

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