The 5 Best Classic Cookie Recipes

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Fiona XD says:

Army's here to see delicious kookies ?
Yes, Kookie!! 😂😏😏♥️😂

Samina Naz says:

I'll try

The Weird Artist says:

My stomach…

Nevaeh Jerome says:

The frosted sugar cookies are the best cookies 💖💖💖💖

Jacinta Kane says:

What's the difference between white and brown sugar

Cr Rc says:

Can i skip brown sugar? Can i use normal whight sugar?

Jessie Hogg says:

OREOS are " chocolate samich cookies" !

Sami Motaghedi says:

I'm crazy about chocolate chip cookies😍

Domini Forelli says:

Tasty you get on my nerves sometimes cause you’re not realistic enough

Tori Chase says:

Take me, diabetes.

dovejpg says:

sugar cookies look like the most bland, dry cookies in the world and im glad we dont generally have them in the uk

Hardik Wadhwa says:

Please make a eggless food vdo

TheOrangeCreeper says:

The zooming kind of makes me feel suicidal tbh

Food Dolls says:

These look bomb!

Brittany Ha says:

Well I found my recipe to those "store bought cookies".

Crystal Macaroni says:

I’m sorry it just blows my mind as to why they think they can bake cookies into cookies. Why not make a recipes where the cookie tastes like oreos. Not put oreos into a cookie.

GallaxiesKeys 4GZ says:

at 3:123:17 when the person poured the dry mixture it matched the music (the drums)

Isabella Rose says:

“classic”? where’s the fucking oatmeal raisin cookies?

Mia1234576 says:

My fiend and I made the chocolate chip cookies and they did not look like this. They tasted terrible and the texture was horrible. 0/10 would NOT recommend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wpp king says:

Which eggs do you use?

Queen_Beauty says:

why is their brown sugar so dark?

Kady Barlow says:

Did anyone else see they wrote 1 1/2 tsp of flour instead of 1 1/2 cups of flour on the sugar cookies🤨🤨

Harriet Dweh says:

I tried the chocolate chip cookies (without dark chocolate because I'm allergic.) and it was so good! I really loved this recipe, and I totally recommend it!

Mayang Jasmine says:

the amount of suga in this 😅😅😅😅


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