The Art of Grilling: How to Grill a Steak

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Karl Engel, head chef of award winning BBQ team Pigcasso (, shows shows us how to grill the perfect steak.

Music: “Mike’s Blues” & “Whiskey on the Mississippi” by Kevin MacLeod

Video edited by Jordan Crowder:

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Some Sasquatch With Dial Up says:

Some of this video was disappointing

Stacie Shannon says:

I rarely thumbs down a vid because I appreciate the effort even when the result isn’t great. I made an exception for this one.
It’s useless for anyone who wants to actually learn to grill a steak.
Maybe delete it and try again.

Dermot O'Sullivan says:

Salting the steak, if not done properly can dry it out. One online suggestion is not to cook the steak anywhere between 3 and 40 minutes after salting.

Kwame G. says:

So real men only use salt and pepper when they grill?? Lolllll

Mid evil says:

Steaks ready to walk away its so bloody . Porter house sucks. Ribeye is where its at. Newyork strip is horrible. Ribeye ribeye ribeye and tbones are not to bad.

Chris R says:

What if they take away grilling

Gooey Joshy says:

4:56 that poor dog was just watching that steak and probably didn't get any of that RIP

Crowd Control says:

Who else is 14 and your parents are making you cook steak for the first time lmao

David R says:

Salt & Pepper only! For that true non-pretentious, sure-nuf good steak without all that scoppy doppy, soirée foray business! Manliness!!!

pablo bolaños says:

Why am i stoned watching this? I got hella hungry

Jameson Owens says:

So many views. So poorly executed. What about the gas grill steaks??

Luke Chaise says:

is it 5 min, flip, 10 min? (10 min per inch rule applies on the flip) or is it 5 min, flip, 5min? (10 min rule overall)

DatCarGuy350 says:

Anyone know what grate is he using to grill the steaks?

Peggy Blackwell says:

Did you put olive oil on both sides?

Zuluka Group says:

Even with a meat thermometer you managed to overcook it. That's medium not medium rare dude.

Yin Huang says:

Isn't it over cooked? 6:12

Oscar Almaguer says:

You wont cut yourself with a really sharp knife…😐😐😐

Paul Hwang says:

That's a perfect steak? Umm, no bro.

Global Flier says:

What temperature should a gas grill be at?

Cobe1M says:

Make sure yu don’t Touch It !!💯💯😂

durden2480 says:

I eat my like bill the butcher

Tim Thompson says:

I love how he says don’t worry about the steak let the grill do the work and you can see he obviously move the steaks from the right side to the center

James_ says:

Try to flip your steaks often on the charcoal grill so it cooks evenly, the steak you showed us was have medium well half medium

Rooochie says:

Salted or unsalted butter?

c baxwar says:

Is the steak or the grill the star of the show?

Lawrence Caile says:

Shouldn't cook with oliveoil, period.

Jays Reviews says:

Didn’t even tell what temp is what. Total joke

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