The Art Of Making A Sandwich

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Jack shows you tips on making the perfect sandwich for Back to School.

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Delores Feisterwiper says:

Boy did I feel old and slow looking up how to make a sandwich

Usman Suleman says:

Always trust a BIG chef!

Daisha Vieira says:

Breads not suppose you have a flavor but love the vidoe

Train Wreck says:

Trying to get myself hungry. 15 seconds in a see all the ingredients and it already worked. Thanks dude. Looks awesome.

Jeffy Paul says:

Your not my parent

Cassandra van Ham says:

Thank you
Thank you


Kvngjay 14 says:

I watched this while eating a sandwich

L4 GAMING says:

i will stuff you in the crust


I add vinegar

Brad's Crunchy Kale says:

I’m so hungry oml

Gregor Krause says:

1:57 when i tell them i want a thin slice of ham or whatever deli meat, i pic #1 on the slicing chart.

The Memester of Cooking Memes says:

I'm the only person who ain't fancy. I just go southern and forget the damn tomatoes and lettuce 😂

dave mcmanus says:

Perfect. I needed just this exact video to post on International Chick Day. Thanks!

fro0tyl0opy87 says:

Shredded lettuce always and mayo on the bread slices always.

. says:

Damn it was gooooddd

Jesus is my God & Saviour Soldier for Jesus Christ says:

May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you and your child. I absolutely loved watching this. My kid started school. This was so helpful. Thank you. 🙂

sk851097 says:

i feel like balsamic on a sandwich is very common

AK AK says:

Screw your and the kids they don’t a crap about u bro

Raz Gautam says:

Art of making people bored.

ThePotatoQueen _ForEver says:

I don’t like things different, I’m a kid.

ThePotatoQueen _ForEver says:

See, not all men are lazy, and don’t expect a women to make their sandwiches.

hamiltrash Hamgelica says:

This guy is so cute awwwww👻👻👻👻

Eric Stenzel says:

Anyone else remember when tomatoes were red?

tre tran says:

Are you the guy off of bobs burgers ?

Mouad Nour says:

Look's so goooood /2019 by the way

OfficialBigChungus says:

why am i here

iluna_ says:

I work in a grocery store deli… which is perfect because I love deli food. Especially sandwiches. Awesome video.

Lacole Murrill says:

It took 8 mins ?

Rasa Vardys says:

I just watch an 8 minute video of a guy making a sandwich. Why?

Angel Zuniga says:

Go on nailed it

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