The Best (and Easiest) Ground Beef Chili and Red Lentil Soup Recipes

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Host Julia Collin Davison shows host Bridget Lancaster how to make the Best Ground Beef Chili. Next, equipment expert Adam Ried reviews food processors in the Equipment Corner. Finally, test cook Erin McMurrer uncovers the secrets to the ultimate Red Lentil Soup with North African Spices.

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iamchillydogg says:

Nope chili doesn't contain beans.

John Pick says:

You Ladies have a great show !
Found you yesterday and I have learned several basic things that will improve my cooking results immensely !
Thank you !!#

Dirk Diggler says:

add a couple of fire roasted and peeled jalapeños and leave the sugar out use half beer and half beef broth in place of water.

Ryan Hathorn says:

85% is ground round… Ground chuck is 80%…

Melissa Behringer says:

In the red lentil soup, instead of lemon juice and salt, what about 1/4 of a preserved lemon (pulp for the salt and acid, sliced rind for lemon taste?

Melissa Behringer says:

What about using your food processor to coarse grind your meat?

fiona Huffman says:

There are no beans in chili and no added water!

Snowcloud says:

This reminds me of Jamaican red bean soup I had there years ago. It was so delicious!

Bryan Bartlett says:

I don't know how your claim in the title of "easiest" holds up here, but I watched and I will try this recipe. You girls continue to enjoy my utmost respect. Love this show.

Abel Ortega says:

que lindas viejas para preparar manjares 😘

John Cooper says:

I really like these two hosts together

mad thumbs says:

Cilantro's flavor is in the stems. – Didn't see much stem action. This is chili con carne y frijoles.

Nick Dudesville says:

I tried the chili, my first ever attempt. I varied slightly both accidentally and on purpose. I forgot thyme, and baking soda and intentionally doubled the tomatoes and used fresh tomatoes that I reduced in a slow cooker ahead of time. And used a cast iron dutch oven because I don't own a ceramic. Anyway, it was excellent, not the best I've ever had. I grew up with a tomato loving chili maker and even with doubling the tomatoes it still could stand to be more tomatoy. For a first attempt I'm thrilled though!

Joseph1NJ says:

ATK did a promo for Paleo dishes. That's cool, addressing one of today's food fads. How 'bout some vegan dishes for contrast?

Joe Burks says:

Just a thought – add yerba buena (mint) to the chile…

John Huitt says:

I do not care what people think about my choice of the Kitchen aide food processor. I LOVE it . So what if there are "nooks and crannies". THey clean up beautifully.

Phillip Lamborn says:

Having a party at work to celebrate the Opening Game for the Baseball Season.  I am making this Chil.

Steve Skouson says:

"Two teaspoons of chipotle."

Chris Kimball isn't here any more!

I wonder how long that homebrew
chili powder would be refrigerator


Harry Hale says:

Great job, ladies. I can not wait to try these recipes.

Jan Anderson says:

I made that lentil soup the other night…..WINNER. YUM!! Thank you. :-)

phickle says:

I've been making a simpler version of red lentil soup but now I've got to try this version. The paprika/mint garnish sounds fantastic!

deaksbear says:

Please put your collars down… the 90s have passed.

Nealie Anderson says:

You are awesome and so are your recipes and tips! Love the new show too!

Bill y says:

I found something called a pressure cooker…

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