The Best Fish Tacos

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I’m sharing my favorite recipe for easy fish tacos. They’re delicious, full of all the creamy, crunchy fresh ingredients you could ask for with lots of perfectly seasoned baked fish in every bite, and surprisingly healthy!

Full Recipe:

Growing up in Los Angeles, I’ve had more than my fair share of tacos. These ingredients below happen to be my favorite! Peppery radishes, a flavorful salsa, creamy avocado and plenty of vegetables make for an unbeatable taco.

They’re the perfect meal, filling but won’t weigh you down! Let’s be honest… any reason is a GOOD reason to make fish tacos! You can batter and fry your fish but this way is som much easier and the cabbage and araddish give even better crunch.


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Rjewel Connect says:

Tried this recipe and it was the 💣. Thank you!

Adam Sniffing says:

Can you use any fish

Dudes Gourmet says:

that looks like Tilapia

Laura M says:

Didnt wash produce, yuck

Theresa Marie says:

Looks delicious

Chanel Madison says:

I came here by mistake and can I say that I loooove him and the shady he throws🤗🤗🤗

Numb Chuck says:

Those look like tilapia, not mahi-mahi.

Natalia Minnigalimova says:

Thank you so much for your perfect recipe. My husband, who partly works in Los Angeles, asked me for fish tacos. I've tried to cook them here in Russia as you recommended and it works!

juan campoy says:

You said it right ,OFF THE CHAIN !!!!

D Ferrari says:

Everyone says that my mom’s coleslaw is the best they’ve ever had I have to agree. I’ll get her recipe and post it as soon as I see her.

La-di Da-di says:

alright. okay. this. is. actually. deliSSSSSHHHH! git damn!! So, I just have to change up a few things. I think I put quiet a bit of salt and I used sea salt. also, I changed up a bit the marinate sauce. I added some good ol old bay seasoning and some lemon pepper,but again I think I added too much salt or is it because I used sea salt? next time i'm just gonna leave lemon pepper out. anyways, it is DELISH!!! I could also change up the pico de gallo..find the right jalapeno and the right tomato.

Rich McBain says:

sounds like you and "someone in the house" have nothing in common.

Motivate con Ana says:

Omg I’m gonna do it right now 🥰😍Thank you

Joy Wrzeciona says:

These were good.. I pickled the red cabbage, Very good

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