The BEST Gooey Cookie Recipes! (Vegan & Non-Vegan)

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Imitation Millie’s Cookies:

Pret Vegan Dark Choc & Sea Salt Cookies:

Protein Cookies (two recipes):


Tracks used in order:

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The BEST Gooey Cookie Recipes! (Vegan & Non-Vegan)

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Joe Delaney says:

Yo people! If you try to recreate them, tag me in your Insta stories so I can see. Also if you actually manage to make decent protein cookies let me know, because mine were… well, you know… not ideal. Enjoy the video my friends <3 x

Bianca Aviles says:

protein scones 😍

LukeT_Fit says:

These cookies were insane I made a batch just like millies 😍

On a side note trying to find the scale you use need a new scale to track my progression do you happen to have a link everywhere I have looked seems to have expired

Will Cozens says:

Hey Joe, what mics do you use for videos and podcasts please? Your sound quality is on point! Thanks

George Orwell says:

Joe how come you're seeing your GF and breaking the lock down rules? I saw this on insta, too. Myself and many others haven't seen their GF since the lock down was announced.

James Roche says:

Song in the background at 7:30?

Louis Herman says:

Joey D: "Shouldn't have bouncy cookie mate"

Louis Herman says:

That gooey ASMR

CD DOT says:

what's the song in the background elder bro is playing at 7:40 ?

moqensen says:

Thanks Joe I put the wife to work on that vegan cookie right now.

Kamran Bird says:

I always end up watching your cooking videos but never end up making em… but this time, these are hard to resist not making!

Matthew Watkins says:

Surely the last recipe has to be 'Scoteins'

moqensen says:

Leave it to the peoples champ to invent a whole new bakery with a banana cookie scone cake

Tim Sikora says:

Can you please have an idea of what you’re about to say before you hit record, Christ that first minute is rough

Sofa King Stew Pid says:

Ads at the end of the video? I respek it

Batman's Dog says:

"You shouldn't have a bouncy cookie mate" love it 😂😂

ra8200 says:

Watching this while fasting during Ramadan… Lol

Ben Tew says:

Make a smoothie video part 2

Philip Arno Olivier says:

God I love a good cookie. Yours look yummy

Jake McIntyre says:

A bouncy cookie lad I am dead 💀 😂

Rutger Hoving says:

1:16 i need a GIF of this

Vankovas says:

3:17 literally me everytime I bake something, my girlfriend had a laugh there when she pointed it out 😀

extra extra says:

Seeing the outro makes me smile every time. Authentic 2013 vibes

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