The BEST Low Carb Cornbread Recipe – EPIC CORN BREAD BATTLE – Testing 3 Keto Cornbread Recipes

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What’s the BEST low carb cornbread recipe on the internet? We’re about to find out! Join us here at Highfalutin’ Low Carb for an epic Low Carb Corn Bread Battle where we determine who has the most flavorful keto cornbread or corn muffin recipe on the internet.

We find the three most popular low carb keto cornbread recipes on YouTube and pit them against each other in a fight to the death!

The first contender is called “Cornbread – Low Carb” from the website Check out the recipe below.

Our second contestant is from Lisa at the blog Low Carb Yum, who makes a coconut flour cornbread recipe. Full details plus her recipe are located at the link below. Be sure to check it out.

The third contestant is a recipe called “Low Carb Keto Induction Cornbread“ from the blog Fluffy Chix Cook. Be sure to check out their recipe at the link below.



Amoretti Sweet Corn Extract:

Whey Protein Isolate:

Wilton Nonstick Brownie Bar Pan:

Lodge 3.5” Miniature Cast Iron Skillet:

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Joey Suggs says:

Instead of ramekins, use the brownie pan and multiply the recipe for family number of portions.

Kinky says:

Thank you! I'm not Southern but I can't stand sweetener in ANY bread. Bread is not cake. But good luck finding anything in the U.S. that isn't sickly sweet.

Deborah Barnes says:

Yes! NO sweet cornbread.

Raven Kneale says:

I'm eatting keto and completely heartbroken that i can't eat corn! so We have a yearly fair where I live and I know i'm not allowed it but I'm having an ear of corn covered in butter because I won't be able to eat anything else anyway!

Joe Davis says:

We most definitely make our corn bread sweet in the south… Not sure where you're from lol

Hottie G says:

I love sweet cornbread before Keto I used jiffy cornbread and put sugar in mine

Jennifer Murray says:

I love your videos sweetheart, I owe you so much😘, I was wondering if you still use the amoretti extract? I am getting mine from Fed ex today! I also ordered ice wine extract to try and flavor crappy cheap white wine lol. I just hope you still use it and love it. It's damn pricey all right! Much love to you ❤️

PMB says:

That corn extract is $6 at Walmart.

patricia calhoun says:

from Louisiana and I put sugar in mine when I ate cornbread

Paulette Carter says:

There are other sweet corn flavor extracts that are less expensive. I use Larissa Veronica sweet Corn Flavor Extract.

Summer Reed says:

You're sexy..

Susan Dupre says:

Anyone looking for keto flavoring including cornbread go to I got tons of flavorings to bake with with the price of the flavoring he used.

Veronica elorza says:

I lovvvvvvve sweet corn bread!!!!!!!!

Lila Sheppard says:

Cornbread no sugar in milk in mason jar overnight the bomb it's a hillbilly thang

BohemianGoddess323 says:

Although it says "Hush Puppies", this recipe is also good for making mini-cornbread muffins!! For "cornbread", just leave out the grated onion and the garlic and onion powders…..However, this makes a WONDERFUL hush puppy!!

Michelle Watkins says:

Southerners do eat sweet cornbread. My mother is from Arkansas and she raised up on sweet cornbread.

peggydid says:

Leave the sugar OUT! Yes, I'm from Mississippi, too, 10toes!
For a family, use a cast iron muffin/gem pan. That would be great!
Don't know how I got this again 2 years later! But it's good to see again!

Robin Bassham says:

you got that right we in the south don't do sugar

Jenny Lago says:

You are just my favorite cooking show anymore!

UkuleleLauren says:

Right there with ya – cornbread does not need sugar! The corn itself is sweet enough! My sister makes an amazing jalapeño cornbread and oh man I miss it.

Lexi Noel says:

No, cornbread is not cake!!! Lol

Carolanne Titmus says:

Bless your heart…I am a British lady that lived the best 35 years of her life and thank goodness you do not put sugar in your cornbread…I hate the cakey tasting stuff!

Crocheting Is a art says:

I need to make a bigger batch of #3 cornbread dressing. I know you said it doesn't raise as much if put all in the same baking dish but how would I go about doing this? Love your videos

SuLebo215 says:

Just found you and love you already! I'm with you on the anti-sweetening in cornbread and rofl everytime your lip curls. Heading over to binge watch more of your videos :)

SuLebo215 says:

Just found you and love you already! I'm with you on the anti-sweetening in cornbread and rofl everytime your lip curls. Heading over to binge watch more of your videos :)

Kevin Bohn says:

Hydrophyllic… Absorbs water
Hydrophobic…. Repels water

will2dmax says:

Just use Corn extract,extracts are perfect for everything keto

JoAnne Glick says:

Funny " Yankee Corn Bread " , just love that and I'm from the North !

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