The BEST pork belly you've ever tasted!!!

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Check out my 3-step process for the best pork belly you’ve ever tasted. 😍🤩

This Chinese pork belly is meltingly tender with a sweet-spicy-sticky coating. It can easily be made gluten free too!

Full recipe plus hints, tips and instructions for making it gluten free here:

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caroched says:

I tried your recipe. I forgot salt and pepper in the frying stage but it turned out great just the same. It was melt in your mouth good. Thank you.

Ghulam Singh says:

Will try sir 👍

jsnukem says:

I am currently making this and it seems my cuts of pork belly were extremely fatty…I am at the stir frying part and am wondering should I keep stir frying this fat…like, will it get crisp?

Andrei Delpan says:

I tried to put some small amount of sesame oil and it gives the best aroma ang taste.

Hang Them All says:

Soo unhealthy but sooo tasty.

Steve Hansen says:

That's looks lovely, will give this a go, what a talented cook ,

Sophie Srey says:

Hi Maron love your cooking I watch it all the time, sent quarantine I been cooking more. I like to know how I can get your cookbook and your hot sauce. ?

LoveIS Love says:

I made this and ate it with my family in Korean lettuce wraps!!! It was insanely good! Thanks xx

John Scott says:

What’s the stock looks like veg ??

stephen chun says:

What do you mean that "stock"?

Hayden Dyas says:

How long do I need to simmer for? Just started making this recipe

peaceloveforever88 says:

nice cooking

Jocelyn Richmond says:

This looks marvelous. I'm going to try your recipe and use the meat in lettuce wraps Korean style. Sounds yummy just thinking about it. TFS!

Kelly Polizzi says:

is pork belly the same as pork strips? i am definitely trying this one. Also, was it deliberate that you poured the sauce over the pork with all the oil still in the pan or is it better to drain first? Thanks again for sharing. Wish I lived in your home!!

Trail71 says:

Pork Belly is so cheap to buy as well!! Think I'll be trying this one

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