The best Red Hot Cajun Boiled Peanuts recipe you will taste

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Spicy Hot Swamp Nuts

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Nevaeh Murphy says:

when i moved to louisnan my cousins called sink ZINK and i was like why lol but it was because i guess they where cajun lol you say it too


I found a bushel of green peanuts today and have in the fridge to cook tomorrow.Wish me luck ……This video is more informative than the one I looked at the other day.Good video.Thanks for all the help.

Rebel Hemi says:

Great job JB. Just found this one.

Sandy Poling says:

Sounds like a great recipe can't wait to try it out but all I can usually get is the raw peanuts. Will they be good like the green?

OhioFred says:

JB – Great Recipe! Not sure if you see comments but I gave this a try and even posted a video of my attempt at your recipe. Thanks for sharing! Been wanting to do this for months! is my video. Take Care!

SnuggleBunny82 says:

Trying your Cajun peanut recipe out tonight!!!! 😀

Donnell Lewis says:

By the way love all your videos…u helped me save my relationship…cause i couldnt cook anything…thanks

Donnell Lewis says:

I visited tampa florida and they had boiled peanuts but made a lil different….they had smoked neckbones..corn on a cob….shrimp…and smoked pork sausage…added to it…im trynna figure out how to do it with all these ingredients…can u help on a few pointers

ManLand121 says:

Bwahahahaha! Peanuts Cooked to perfection…our local WalMart has some displayed about a week and then they were gone!!! I was not able to purchase any…and am hoping they will get in a second batch…GREEN! I've boiled up a mess Raw Dried but they just ain't as good as a Green Goober…Them Green Monsters are the best…Ugh!…might have to go with the Dried again…about 8 to 10 hours of boiling…but it is love in the kitchen…and who don't like a little lovin' for 10 hours?…lol.

Phil N Florence says:

JB, they look great. Adding to Christys comment. My uncle told me to do this. Cook in pressure cooker 25 minutes. They are done. Then let off pressure, remove lid, THEN add salt & spices. As the peanuts cool they soak up the salt and water (Juice). keep tasting every 10 minutes until they get to your liking. Cuts way down on the process and time imvolved. I have not done it this way yet but plan to soon.

Alex Oprel says:

remember cutting madame-jeanette (habanero) peppers and having a good shower after … no mercy is given

Robin Jean'e says:

Hey do you have a recipe for regular boiled peanuts I'm doing regular and cajun for the event.

steve eroh says:

hey BJ did you get Bigger Glasses?

Christy's Cooking Channel says:

Have you ever Pressure Cooker them first to soften, then add them to the seasoned water? Great idea using the pasta pot on top. Thanks for sharing. We love boiled peanuts.

Robin Jean'e says:

can you save your boil juice for your next batch

Jared Brauen says:

lol… sound exactly like Foghorn leg horn. lol

Dan Payton says:

Were they unsalted peanuts before you put them in the pot?

Brett Conrad says:

You can never eat just one!

Vingo says:

lol your funny and thx!

SpaceyBeatz says:

4:45 yall stay in dere boy lmaooooo

atlphsgurl says:

Yumm!! Great Job JB I KNOW those peanuts were GOOD!!! I could listen to you talk all day long! You remind me of my family back home. You have such a vibrant personality :) Your video made my day! Keep up the good work!

Kenny D says:

Love your videos man, you have a great personality which makes your videos very enjoyable.

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