The Best Summer Drinks To Stay Away From Soda

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These summer drinks are refreshing, flavorful, and the perfect way to cool down on a hot day! With 4 non-alcoholic drinks to choose from, there’s sure to be a favorite drink recipe for everyone!

Lemon Infused Water
4 lemons
4 cups water
4 cups sparkling water
ice cubes

Agua de Jamaica
1 cup dried hibiscus flowers
4 cups water
1/4-1/3 cup turbinado sugar
4 cups ice cold water
ice cubes

Agua de Horchata
1 cup raw basmati or jasmine rice
5 cups water
1 cup milk of choice
1 tsp cinnamon
1 Tbsp vanilla
1/3 cup maple syrup
ice cubes

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SysAd_Sec says:

Por pabor. Hahaha

Tanya Nair says:

I don't have milk or any fruits at home so here I am looking for non alcoholic drinks cause im 12

Shankar Nath says:

Can a teenager drink it mam

Abigail Martinez says:

For me it’s Horchata 🤗

Ellie K says:

These drinks look so refreshing! Can’t wait to try them.

Nylah Salazar says:

I feel like she live surrounded by nature or she has a garden or something idk I’m just getting a clean vibe from her if that makes sense

مطبخ ليك مرحبا says:


A Window says:

You are so bubbly I love your personality

Elizabeth Makaridou says:

Is it the same if I don't put raspberries but strawberries?

Celia Saiz says:

Okay this all look fantastic!!! I'm about to try some of them and I'm sure they'll be amazing. I just wanted to add that the horchata comes from Spain, Valencia specifically. Here we make it with tigernuts and it seems like the recipe comes from the ancient Egypt. I guess when the drink traveled to Mexico they changed the tigernuts for rice because it was more accessible there? Anyways, it has always been very confusing to me watching videos from the US or so how they think horchata is made out of rice so I decided to investigate and here is the answer!! However, rice horchata sounds amazing and I'm eager to try it. Thank you for all this ideas!!!

ZenGoddess says:

WOW thank you so much now that's healthy water!

Oswald Digestive Clinic says:

What a great idea to freeze lemon juice into ice cubes!

Oswald Digestive Clinic says:

Plain water does get super boring. I've been hooked on carbonated water with orange slices lately! If it's infused for a few hours to overnight, it's even better!

Marcelo L Callegaro says:

You complain about market sodas and then add loads of syrup and sugar to your recipe? 😂

Whatsaguy Gottado says:

GRAIN! it took me 20 minutes to come up w/ the word, and I didn't have the pressure of the camera on me…lol. Great video btw.

Irvin Galindo says:

Imma make me some horchata im going to add some rice to my ice so it can look fancy🙃🥰

Ariel Valencia says:

seria bueno que los redujeran en español

Lizzy Elizabeth says:

For the first one I added some sugar after I took out the lemons out of the water and it was the best lemonade in the world!

Ramiro Enriquez says:

Rice grains😄

alpha fish says:

How about cooking the rice milk a bit?

Andrea Badar says:

I just watched this video! Wow! Love your energy! All of these look so refreshing and beautiful!!! 🙌looks perfect. I cant wait to make them all!!!Thank youuuu

Nico Straley says:

They look beautiful

Sophie says:

Conceivably refreshing , thanks

Dominique Felder says:

This looks delightful!

ziggy jones says:

There A lot Of Smells.

ziggy jones says:


Sumaiya Binte Emaz says:

Grains or corns either one, is okay

Kori Garbison says:

I am trying to find drink recipes I can drink instead of alcohol!! I have seizures and I probably shouldn't drink alcohol, want something I can drink at cookouts or special occasions!! It woit be hard to kick alchohol out of my diet when I don't drink that often and when I do it's for special occasions or when we have people over !! I could live with out it and feel completely fine!!

Zamuraii Hollow says:

missing sugar

SuperCED says:

Don't like her over acting additude 🤷🏻‍♂️

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