THE BEST TASTING Vegan Steak Recipe | How To

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Vegan Steak!? Wait, did I really say VEGAN STEAK!? Yes guys, this is really a recipe for vegan steak. This vegan steak is bursting with flavor and is the texture is awesome! So, yes! How to Vegan Steak.

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Aika Papa says:

Steak made of beans ! What can we use instead of gluten ? Gluten-free flour ? Can we add beets and beet juice in the mixture to make it red ?

S C says:

Thank you 🙏 you have a new subscriber

Johnny Blaze says:

If vegans love animals so much, then why are they always trying to make their food look and taste like animals?

craig aroni says:

I love her recipes because Im trying to learn how to cook plant based. AND shes gorgeous!

Nick Conkey says:

Wow, it's like real steak except not nearly as clean, nutrient dense or flavorful. Vegans for the win, I've never seen such a healthy meat alternative. Because white flour is an obvious health food. Why have nasty grass-fed and pasture raised cattle when you can have a loaf of bread?

J D says:

That looks like a lot of sodium. Still wanna try this though.

Stephen Tiffoney says:

I love your videos! You don't overact or talk rubbish like all the other vegan tutorials. Your tutorials are best. Keep them coming.

Maciej Resiński says:

Vegan butter..? Omg f…off

Donna G says:

How do u steam them?

Mrs. McGeorge says:

What if you don’t have a steamer ? Btw I’m so glad that I found you!! Me and my husband have been trying to go completely vegan but only have a few recipes and we kept getting tired of the same thing.. and then I got pregnant and craved MEAT so we are starting over again.

Aulia Syifa Rodhiya says:

Can one have this recipe without the flour? Maybe with some cooked tempeh?
I like to eat steak with potatoes or rice, and that already have lots of carb. Gotta be balanced, right? 😅

Juli Rosales says:

I’m just confused…what’s the point of being vegan if you’re just gonna eat this like there’s no point, if you miss it or somn jus eat meat

jaxsun72 says:

I would like to see some use meat to make vegetables.

Kiera Brewer says:

Finally got around to making this and it turned out pretty good! Definitely going to be a staple in my kitchen. Thanks for sharing!

T Terry says:

Show your steamer & your steam method & you eating the finished product.

jcj6501 says:

Love your channel! Your kids are darling.

lilly roon says:

I am gluten allergic, what can I possibly substitute it with? looks amazing, I am sure it taste delicious too.

Maria Benjamin says:

Can this be made gluten free

f0t0b0y says:

Not once did you mention how unhealthy this is. I’ve been plant-based for two months due to health reasons and all my levels are normal within two months and I’ve dropped 20 pounds. Eating this would probably set me on a path of unhealthy eating. The amount of oil and sodium in this is alarming. Not to mention the amount of gluten that would probably feel like a rock in my stomach. Now, all that harsh criticism aside, when I get to my goal weight I might try this meal once a month as an ultimate cheat.

Melriqua Jackson says:

Put your son in more videos

Abdullah Aleem Shakur says:

Is there any good substitute for the wheat gluten flour?

Jennifer Henderson says:

I'm impressed

Marlene Lyles says:

I did like it and I will try it out. However, it would benefit the viewers to show your products if you’re gonna show how to make something. Some stuff I never heard of and other stuff I ddnt even under what u said Bec idk what it is.

IamHer MrsHoneyBeeWealth says:

Looks delicious 😋 I swear I could almost taste it.

Passionate Paintress says:

Hey Rose…..are you left handed or ambidextrous?

JagrajSingh92 says:

when she says "steam for 45 mins" i have no clue what that means. How do i steam something?

Ardiane1 says:

Guys, Have anyone tried it without gluten? I am gluten intollerant but cannot eat meat because my organism just rebells against it.

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