The Only APPLE PIE Recipe You'll Need

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Everyone has to make this Classic Apple Pie Recipe for Thanksgiving! You will love the flaky pie crust and the apple pie filling will surprise you!
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EASY Homemade Pie Crust Recipe:

Ingredients for Homemade Apple Pie:
►1 recipe for double pie crust:
►6-7 Granny Smith Apples, peeled, cored  (2 1/4 lbs, or 7 cups thinly sliced)
►1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
►8 Tbsp unsalted butter
►3 Tbsp all-purpose flour
►1/4 cup water
►1 cup granulated sugar
►1 egg + 1 Tbsp water, for egg wash

Ingredients for Butter Pie Crust Dough Recipe:
►2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour plus more to dust, *measured correctly
►1/2 Tbsp granulated sugar
►1/2 tsp sea salt
►1/2 lb COLD unsalted butter (2 sticks) diced into 1/4″ pieces
►6 Tbsp ice water (6 to 7 Tbsp)

►Melon Baller:
► Glass Mixing Bowls:
►Blue Dutch Oven:
►Scraper & Chopper:
►Maple Wood Cutting Board:
►Bread Knife:
►Glass Measuring Cup:
►Large Whisk:
►Rolling Pin:
►Pie Dish (similar to mine):
►Pizza Cutter:

►My Favorite Cutting Board:
►Hand Mixer:
►Favorite Blender:
►Food Processor:
►Glass Bowls:
►Kitchen Scale:
►Glass Storage Containers:
►Knife Block Set:
►Our Dinnerware Set:
►My White Apron:



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Natashas Kitchen says:

Get my pie crust recipe right here – 😋. Happy Baking 👏🏻

TyAGeniz tv says:

I made this pie recipe for Thanksgiving giving and it was so delicious!. It was my first time ever doing a pie and my family loved it and they couldn't believe I made it lol.

Always Complains says:

holy lord Jesus. i will say this is my 2nd time making a pie and i do not regret trying this recipe. the heavenly taste and aroma this pie brought to my house this thanksgiving was a delight i wish i could have shared with more family, truly one i will be making again. and not just for the holidays. this pie made me savor every bite and enjoy bliss with each one. its almost sinful how delicious this was.

Makeup'N'Nicki says:

I made this pie tonight for our dessert and note that this was my first time EVER making pie and it was a HUGE success! Super easy to follow! I didn’t have a food processor but EVERYONE LOVED IT! ❤️ thank you so much! This is going in my recipe book

Muriel Valdez says:

SO PROUD of my 14 year old and volunteered to make this pie. Lattice crust and all and delicious! Thank you Natasha for the step by step instructions. Huge hit tonight.

Steven says:

I made this today for Thanksgiving. The first time in my life I've made any pie. Thank you Natasha! With you virtually by my side I feel I can make anything! I also made it with your flaky cream cheese pie crust recipe, YUM! I even made the lattice crust top, what a beautiful and scrumptious pie! And, to top it off, I used apples from our family apple tree. Thanks again! You're the best!

Mosammat Begum says:

1 recipe for double pie crust
6-7 Granny Smith Apples peeled cored (2 1/4 Ibs or 7 cups thinly sliced
1 1/2 tsp cinnamon
8 Tbsp unsalted butter
3 Tbsp all-purpose flour
1/4 cup water
1 cup granulated sugar
1 egg + Tbsp water for egg wash
Bake it for 350

Kimberly.C RubberDuck :3 says:

With all due respect, your apple pie intoxicated me, I almost went to the hospital

Gabriela Arroyo-Brandao says:

Made this today, my first time baking a pie actually, easy and DELICIOUS!!! Thank you!

Cynthia Kosick says:

Easiest, best pie crust ever!!! Thank you!

nairda m says:

I made this pie today for thankgiving and all my family loved it. Thank you 💗

Pete Puebla says:

I made it with no food processor and no rolling pin. If I could do it, so can you. Check out the results at the link below. 👇🏼

Jacquelyn Baldeon Garo says:

It was delicious but mine had a lot of liquid at the bottom of it. The only difference is I left the apples resting with the syrup for an hr bc I couldn’t bake it right away.

ariel bazan says:

i used this apple pie for today (thanksgiving), and my family LOVED it!! thank you so much for sharing this delicious recipe !!

Bot XxGooDxX says:

Almost done baking my pie! Can't wait any longer….the smell. It smells so good!😩 Thanks for the tutorial. I am very grateful! 😊

Josh says:

I’m making this pie right now, i put a pan under it so it doesn’t burn from the bottom, do you think this will affect the cookie process?

Tomboyartist says:

Hey I’m trying to make this for thanksgiving dinner. I tried making the sauce and I think I accidentally burnt it ☹️. Should I add water ? What do you suggest ?

Sora says:

Made this with a homemade crust and it's delicious!! Thank you for the recipe!

B E L L I says:

Can you use almond flour?

krystleobrien7000 says:

I just made it all! Its in the over…I will keep yall posted 🥰

Aleyda Garcia says:

I’ve already made like 6 pies 😂 I’m obsessed with this recipe it’s a keeper !!!

Karen Arrambide says:

I’m currently making this pie but I realized that in the video for the eggwash, you said to use 1 egg and 1 tbsp of sugar which is what I did but in the ingredients on your page and under the video, it says 1 tbsp of water instead of sugar. 😅 I’m just hoping it comes out good! Lol

sofia soderberg says:

you are so lovely! i’ll be using your recipe for my family this afternoon and can’t wait to try it 🥰🥰

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