The Tastiest Sweet and Sour Chicken You’ll ever eat

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Make your favorite takeouts at home! Serve the sweet and sour chicken with plain rice for a satisfying dinner.
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David Maccormack says:

Usually background music is shite and if you can cook at all you don't need a narrator, 10/10 vid

dзfaulт мode иetwoяк says:

I work really hard, cuz im no fun

Marc Fernandez says:

What is roseberry jam? I have heard of raspberry but not roseberry.


very nice…thank you

Mattessj says:

Was going good till the tomato paste

Rey Mendoza says:

I can't find rose berry jam. Is there an other jam i can use?

Katie says:

Whats the point when there is no recipe ??

Baby Blink says:

Bell pepper, onion, pineapple, flour, baking powder, cornstarch, water, salt,oil, chicken, katchup or tomato paste and jam, vinegar, vege, cornstarch water mix, seseme

Sammy Garcia says:

Looks so tasty😜

stoicien31 says:

Love this vid , no talking just cooking 😍

Michael Smith says:

Raspberry jam. The is no such thing as a Roseberry . Sometimes rose hips can be made into jam but that's pretty unusual.

Kitchen 9 says:

I’m mouth watering now

L J W says:


Higginz1991 says:

Looks so good that I just tried to eat my phone 🤤

Christina Miller says:

I liked your Presentation so much so that I'm going to use Tofu in place of the Chicken.

Hidup Mulia dunia akhirat says:

Sangatlah enak yaem

R says:

Roseberry Jam …or Raspberry jam?.

C R says:

Why did you fry the chicken twice?

Frederick Magill says:

Wow, master!!

Corinna Americn says:

I can't find rose berry in my country. I used strawberry and it failed.

eddt430 says:

That much oil in a wok above gas scares me. 🤪

Sadia Bhatti says:

Plz make honey wings


I am sooo hungry now.

MyDogsDead says:

Contrary to popular Chinese belief Do NOT add chicken to the pan one piece at a time as they will not all cook for the same amount of time and you risk food poisoning from under cooked chicken, or if you leave them in long enough for the last piece to cook properly then the rest will be overcooked, dry chicken. They must all go in at the same time then separated whilst cooking to ensure evenly cooked, juicy, tender pieces.

ThnXo says:

Thank you for not using ketchup!!! One sub for you!

Si Filey says:

Where do you get Roseberry jam? What is Roseberry?

Ilias Elmessaoudi says:

Fried oil oil and oil unhealthy dish no no no . Olive oil better

Rasheed Al Wazier says:

Not healthy at all… Chines food is full of suger… Bad Oil… Etc…. Tastey but u get bored of it in 2 days.

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