Thin Crust Pizza Dough Made With Egg & Milk : Italian Recipes

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Phillip Knowles says:

I really like this way of makeing pizza base i love it

Leanne Vogel says:

…but you used flour?

nerissa flor says:

Were the exact recipe

sam jose says:

Interesting the resulting rise of this batter. It’s essentially pancake
batter minus sugar & baking powder.

george Laudas says:

wow just made this is a great flatbread pizza recipe thanks @ minecraft i
baked it for 20 min after preheated the oven at 400 degrees try it you
will be impressed have good day 

Charlene Bergeron says:

I was very skeptical… But now I plan to keep these crusts stock piled in
the freezer. I used a pie plate with some olive oil on it and they came out
beautifully! and perfect size for personal size pizza… I was unsure about
the taste at first but it grew on me – just don’t expect it to taste like a
yeast base! I baked extra and wrapped them up in cling wrap, stuffed them
in the freezer, and the other night when we had “no food in the house”, we
had pizza. :) yum!

Mitchell Godfrey says:

This would have been ok IF I had chosen the correct pan. I chose an air
bake pizza pan which was way too thick for the crust to cook properly. The
flavor was good though. By far the fastest and easiest crust to make – If
I had just used a normal cookie sheet.
Well I tried it again with a normal cookie sheet and …no. This just
isn’t good. Sorry. It’s fast and easy but not so great. IMO.

MineCraftzKing says:

how long do u bake it for

John Contraros says:

holy cooking spray! You do not need that much!

Carolina Daltton says:

this is the worst video of cooking everrrrrrrr hahaha lol but i guess i
could try you never know.

Annie M says:

Such an idiotic statement to make! What the hell does Obama have to do with
it? lol

roberta peck says:

Thanks fast and easy

Annie M says:

There are many, many ways to make pizza dough. If you want ‘authentic
pizza’ go to Italy. It’s a cultural thing now, get over it, as Nihilus Rose

Nathan Estlund says:

Get some higher standards Nihilus. We don’t need anymore Obamas.

Nathan Estlund says:

Lol this is a slap in the face to Italy.

silvimeri85 says:

I am Italian. WE do not make pizza dough with milk and eggs. In it there is
flour, water, salt and and a thing called “lievito di birra” : it could be
translated with yeast? Baking Pouder? It is a little cube that we buy at
the local supermarket and must be kept in the fridge because it has a
little expiration period. Some of us add a little amount of olive oil to
the dough. That is how you make Italian pizza. We do not like non italian
people altering and bastardizing our way of cooking.Ciao.

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