This is one of my FAVOURITE lamb recipes and it's so CHEAP! Braised lamb breasts

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lamb breast is quite an under used cut of meat, and yet one of the most rewarding when it’s cooked right. I make this recipe by chef Simon Hopkinson, and it’s one of the easiest and cheapest lamb recipes I’ve ever made. you can pick up lamb breasts from your butcher, and I’ve seen it in some supermarkets as well. it does require long slow cooking, but you’ll be surprised how much meat you get from a lamb breast.

to make braised lamb breasts with onions you will need:
►1.6 kg/3lb 8oz lamb breast, boned, rolled and tied with kitchen string
►fine salt and freshly ground white pepper
►2 tbsp dripping or vegetable oil
►1.6 kg/3lb 8oz onions, thinly sliced
►2 bay leaves
►1 tbsp red wine vinegar
►2-3 tbsp anchovy essence (or several finely chopped anchovies), or to taste
►2 tbsp chopped fresh parsley

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Steve Jeffrey says:

Have you experimented with using your grill to brown meat?

23 Sleng says:

That test card lol

Darren Gordon-Hill says:


Thank you, brave hero

Bella Digital World says:

Bloody love you x

steven wood says:

Loving the blogs Adam and have shared it as well, You are so funny !!!!

stewart adams says:

You can also use it as a flesh light

Patricia McKay says:

Also can the breast be frozen once cooked?

KeefCooks says:

I usually burn a candle if I'm chopping a lot of onions – seems to work.

KeefCooks says:

I hate the new Maldon Sea Salt packaging – looks really cheap n nasty.

Linda Peverall says:

This was amazing.. ❤️👍 Xx

stefankaz53 says:

Great video Adam. Could you tell me where those onions went, that were on top of the dish, before you put the paper on?

Row1955 says:

lol your so funny Adam!

Row1955 says:

Mean lamb off cuts lol

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