This is the breakfast you want! (with avocado)

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This is the breakfast you want! (with crushed avocado)
how to make amazing avocado toast with eggs. This is the breakfast you want!
What I love about this breakfast is that it’s not only healthy and hearty, it’s delicious and quick to make (if you’re organised). The eggs are fried but kind of poached and steamed at the same time. So they remain soft and delicate like poached eggs with the flavour of fried eggs. Adding the chopped chives to the raw whites gives the eggs a great flavour and an interesting look as the chives set in the cooked whites.

For me, I can cook this in the time it takes to toast the bread, around 4 to 5 minutes. I’m still waiting for someone to invent a 30 second toaster! I use a nice rustic or sourdough bread, (see my easy to make bread recipe).

A must, is a cold freshly squeezed orange juice, so place those oranges in the fridge the night before, then freshly squeeze them.

It’s my weekend breakfast and I hope you enjoy my super breakfast as much as I do. Have an awesome day!

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Faith DBoi says:



I dreamt of having a husband who loves to cook and done it well.

Oh well! 🤣
(…and my lovely hubby does not watch youtube videos 🤫😄)

Pradip Dhakal says:

Too healthy for me haha

Karan Rajpoot says:

Yummy breakfast 🥐

Marie Quilop says:

I want to start my day with these, and don't forget the coffee please! 😃❤

AA L says:

wrong bread… sorry

Ford Wayne says:

This breakfast is such a winner just on looks alone.

Walter Scano says:

Sorry my friend, but in Italy this is a lunch, no breakfast!! The BREAKFAST is cappuccino, cornetto or brioche and espresso, please!!!

Aicha Chebani says:

C top bonne continuation

Ray Radiance says:

Omg that color of that avocado makes my heart melt!! What type of avocado is it? It looks like an unripe hass but it’s not dark brown so must be a baby green skin avocado?

Cristine Barlas says:

This breakfast made me hungry. Ingredients are so fresh. 🤤

DaEnforcer24 says:

Incomplete, you got to have bacon as well!

R M says:

You make cooking look like a dream <3

Ying Liu-Kneip says:

Best thanks for sharing, chef

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